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Horoscopes for November 11th





ARIES- You’ve got something new to look forward to now — and your people should be just as eager as you are to embrace it! That could mean that it’s time for you to step up and take the lead again.

TAURUS- Try to deal with life as it really is today, not how you’d like it to be. You should be able to stick with tried and true solutions — anything too far out there is likely to be too problematic for you

GEMINI- Your opinions are hardly set in stone today — in fact, you could change your mind about something really big. You may want to see if others can keep up with your pace, but don’t be afraid of racing ahead!

CANCER- You need to appeal to people’s sense of right and wrong today — but you can’t get too emotional! Lay out the facts and see if they can agree with you, or at least let you take care of things in your own way.

LEO- People expect you to show some leadership today — though you definitely don’t feel like it! See if you can just stretch far enough to take care of basic needs without making yourself feel like a chump.

VIRGO- Today is all about learning, so you need to try doing things differently to see if you can find a better way. Act like a scientist and experiment — you’re sure to learn something new and handy.

LIBRA- You’ve got a deeper understanding of someone who has seemed rather out of touch lately. It’s a good time to reach out to them and see if you can get them to open up even more. Make the most of this time!

SCORPIO- Your home life might feel snarled in arguments or backbiting, but there’s not much you can do about it just now. You may want to step out and get something done outside the house and come back to it later.

SAGITTARIUS- A genuine connection blooms today — one you might never have seen coming! It could be a random stranger at work, a new neighbor or a potential love connection, but it feels real!

CAPRICORN- Money is on your mind once again — but you don’t need to make it an obsession! Just make sure that your energy is directed toward a wide range of pursuits and your financial obligations should start to make sense.

AQUARIUS- It’s a good day for you to show off a little — your brilliance needs to be recognized. Someone new is in awe of your ideas, as well as the way you present them. Go ahead and change the world

PISCES- What do you really want? You need to ask yourself big, future-facing questions, but you shouldn’t worry about keeping them realistic. Dream big, and see what you end up with later.