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Horoscopes December 10th







ARIES- You can't help but feel a little subdued today -- it's in your soul! Sometimes even you need to rest and recharge your batteries, so take some time off and let yourself find peace and quiet

TAURUS- Try not to overreact when you feel insulted today -- sometimes it's just a harmless statement, and today is full of those. You may even want to preempt people's joking around with other business

GEMINI- This is not a good day to act impulsively -- make sure you've got every angle figured out before making your move. That could mean you have to defer serious action for another day, but so be it!.

CANCER- Try not to deal with anything that feels weird to you -- even if it all feels weird! There's nothing wrong with taking a personal day now and then, just as long as you're not using your feelings as an excuse.

LEO- Don't take anyone's word for it today -- investigate everything yourself. It's not like they're all lying to you, though. It's just that you can't be satisfied with anything less than absolute certainty

VIRGO- Your emotions are running the show today -- not that there's anything wrong with that! You may want to give your rational mind the day off, as it's likely to just get fussy and weird by tonight.

LIBRA- You're working hard today -- even if it feels otherwise! Things have taken a turn for the weird, and you have to handle work and business matters with grace and speed. Of course you're up to the job!

SCORPIO- Try to focus on healing today -- your energy is fantastic, and you don't have much farther to go before you're exactly where you want to be! Almost anything is possible on a day like today

SAGITTARIUS- Your creative side is fully unleashed right now -- so make the most of it! If you can focus entirely on creative endeavors like art, party planning or finding loopholes in your lease, go for it.

CAPRICORN- Try to open up about your ambitions today -- you can't get where you want to go without the help of some friends or colleagues. Your energy may feel diffuse, but it's a good time to gather your allies.

AQUARIUS- Your need to feel like a part of something larger is dominant today -- so join a new group, throw yourself into work or volunteering or start your own world-changing organization!

PISCES- Try to take care of any formal business today -- putting it off much longer is a drag on your energy, not to mention edging up against the holiday season. Sign those papers and relax!