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Horoscopes for November 17th




ARIES- Your inner strength is matching your outer assets today, and you should find it much easier than usual to take care of business of all kinds. See if you can get your people to follow your lead!

TAURUS- You are locked in a struggle with a family member or coworker who just can’t let go of some outdated ideas. You need to keep up your end, as they just can’t be allowed to win this round!

GEMINI- Your terrific mental energy should make school or learning enjoyable and much simpler. It’s a great time to start a new class or course of study, so look around for the next big thing and go for it!

CANCER- You might spend more than you want to or otherwise find it harder than usual to relate to your usual constraints — but you don’t care! On a day like today, you find it easier than ever to break down old boundaries

LEO- You need to deal with a greater achievement than the one you were expecting to handle today — it could be that you arrive at an unexpected place through your mighty efforts. Enjoy the victory!

VIRGO- Be more flexible today — others are counting on you! See if you can get your people to lend you the aid you need to make the most of your energy, as you’ve got too much to do for one day

LIBRA- You need to hang out with friends today — they make life a little sweeter, and you know that they can be trusted to do right by you. It’s the perfect time to give them some small token of your affections

SCORPIO- You need a new challenge, and one might be coming sooner than you think. It’s a good time for you to step up and make sure that the right people are paying attention to what you’ve got to say

SAGITTARIUS- It’s a really good time for you to kick back and enjoy the good times. Your energy is just right for parties and casual hanging out, so make sure that your people are all ready for some fun!

CAPRICORN- Work issues are worse than ever today — at least one person is making a power play or in some other way not taking care of the team. You might need to push them harder or just give them enough rope

AQUARIUS- You need to find a compromise with someone important — maybe even a part of yourself. It’s one of those days when nobody can get everything they want, so you may need to make an offer.

PISCES- Your healthis a big deal today, so make sure that you’re not neglecting it. This doesn’t mean you’ve got something serious, just that you can take positive steps to keep your body and soul together