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ARIES- You're leaning toward art and culture today, so dive in feet first! You may need to check in with someone who's more in the loop than you are, but you can also just follow your nose and see what happens.

TAURUS- Your deep thoughts need an outlet -- preferably with someone who can handle a little philosophizing! You could also publish on a blog or social media site, but face-to-face suits your mood better.

GEMINI- You're feeling a little extra twinge of sentimentality today -- but don't let it turn into nostalgia! Your energy needs a future-facing outlet, so make sure that you're doing what must be done.

CANCER- You can't do much to further your own goals today. That's not a big deal, though! You just need to poke around and see who else could benefit from your efforts. It's a big world out there!

LEO- Your generosity is practically limitless, and today you find a new way to make life a little better for friends or strangers while keeping your own mood light and carefree. Enjoy the ride!

VIRGO- There's not much point in struggling today -- you've got to make sure that you're not setting yourself back! It's a good day for you to figure out what you want to do when your energy returns.

LIBRA- Your mental energy is rising quickly, so make sure that you're pushing your thinking to new heights. You need to be certain that your ideas are right for your big plans, so take all the time you need.

SCORPIO- You are absolutely right to be skeptical -- so make sure that you're vocal about it! You may find that at least one person pays close attention and trusts you more when you're proven right.

SAGITTARIUS- When that one friend comes calling, you need to really listen -- but fortunately, that's easy! What they've got to say is extremely compelling, and you may find that you've got a new opportunity now!

CAPRICORN- Things are starting to move quickly, and you should make sure that you're on the ball. You may find that your energy is plenty for what's needed, but more likely you need to call in reinforcements.

AQUARIUS- Greet new people with warmth -- you should find that they are more than willing to join in with you in whatever you want to do. Recruiting new members to the group has never been easier!

PISCES- Take care when communicating, especially face to face. You may want to defer to email or other forms of writing, but make sure that you check and double-check it all before you hit 'send.'