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December 14th







ARIES-Your rep is in dispute today, and you may need to step back a little from your planned activities in order to correct the record. Things are sure to get a little wild, but you need to make sure people know the truth!

TAURUS- You meet someone today who is likely to change your life for the better. It may just be someone who knows how to fix your car, or it may be your new spiritual leader. Be open to new possibilities!

GEMINI-Someone is holding back on you -- so see if you can probe and figure out what is really going on. They are unlikely to just come right out and tell you, so a bit of espionage may be in order.

CANCER- Your sense of the situation is more intense than usual, which could mean that you're ready to go deeper. It's a good day for pushing yourself, as you know yourself better than ever.

LEO- You can make a real difference in someone's life today -- so step up and lend a hand! Even if you have to put your own projects on hold for a bit, it's still very much worth it.

VIRGO- If you are looking for love, today's a great day to do it! Your good personal energy helps you present the best image, and you are also more likely to run into potential soul mates almost anywhere!

LIBRA- You feel nostalgic for old times -- but it comes with a twinge of regret! Try not to dwell on what could have been, as that doesn't do anyone any good. Just remember the good times and then get back to living life.

SCORPIO- You should have an easier time getting your boss (or that one friend who is like a boss) to go along with your plans. Things should be moving along pretty quickly, so get ready to act!

SAGITTARIUS- Shred those credit cards -- or at least freeze them in big blocks of ice! You need to rein in spending, and your energy is just right for slashing your budget. It's not glamorous, but it leads to a better life!

CAPRICORN- You need to show the world what you can do -- so make sure you aren't keeping your accomplishments to yourself! It's easier than ever for you to make a great impression, so make it happen!

AQUARIUS- You just can't seem to figure out why people are acting so strange today -- but you may be better off not knowing! Just try to get your closest friends to run interference for you while you get your work done.

PISCES- Your people need a new direction -- and you can point them toward it! You should find that your ability to lead is heightened, even if you do it in your own gentle way. It works for you!.