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December 18th






ARIES- You get a vision of the future -- and you like what you see! It's a good time for you to ask big questions and figure out who's really on your side. Things are just about to get interesting!

TAURUS- Today is all about power struggles, unfortunately -- so roll up your sleeves and dive in! You may not like having to duke it out, but you can ensure that your side has a fighting chance.

GEMINI- Now is a good opportunity to take some time to yourself or hang out with a small group of like-minded people and really think things through. You can get deeper than usual, so don't give up too soon!

CANCER- Try to bend at least a little today -- standing too firm is sure to cause you problems! If you show that you can compromise, at least one person starts to take you more seriously and may offer new opportunities.

LEO- Try something a little different today -- you need to shake things up! It's a good idea for you to push yourself to your limits, in at least one way, so you can learn a little more about yourself

VIRGO- Someone close needs your opinion -- but you need to edit it first! Your instincts may lead you toward brutal honesty, but a bit of finesse is required to make this person really listen.

LIBRA- Kick back and enjoy the day -- your energy is just right for having fun! Whether you've got a holiday party to attend or plan, or you're just spending some quiet time alone with family, you're all smiles!

SCORPIO- Be wary of conflicting ideas today -- especially with family or roommates. Things can escalate to full-on warfare before you realize what's happening, and nobody needs that now.

SAGITTARIUS- You can get the gist of almost anything today -- so make sure that you're not just letting yourself coast, mentally. Ask questions and get to the heart of the matter before this phase passes you by.

CAPRICORN- Financial news comes your way this morning that may seem somewhat distressing at first, but you find ways to cope. In fact, you may even end up profiting when you decide to take action!

AQUARIUS- Life is still easy for you today -- people just seem to naturally line up with your ideas. You know this can't last forever, but keep working with what you've got and you can relax for a little while

PISCES- Someone explains how your plans are unrealistic early in the day, but you may not choose to listen to them. You're more about your dreams than about anyone else's so-called reality!