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January 2nd 2013






ARIES- You feel frustrated -- again -- but you may not know what you want to do next. It's a good time for you to step up and see if your friends can help with the little details which are getting confusing

TAURUS- Your affectionate nature is coming out today, so make sure that the right people know it! Your energy is terrific, and you should be able to get folks to notice your more positive qualities

GEMINI- You need to deal with the mundane world today -- no deep philosophizing or lofty spirituality for you! The good news is that once your bills are paid and your kitchen is clean, things pick up.

CANCER- You need to deal with an issue that just can't be figured out easily. That means it's time for some serious thinking of the left-brained variety. It's a great day to master the details of your work.

LEO- You feel a little more uncomfortable than you would like, but that can be an asset -- just take time to think things over, and you are much more likely to see new solutions to old problems.

VIRGO- It's the small stuff that matters most today -- and you are at your best just puttering and tidying up, so it's a perfect match. Make sure that you're paying equal attention to home and to work.

LIBRA- You need to indulge your social side today -- so get out there and laugh it up with friends or try out that new night spot! You may not be in the spotlight but you like it fine right where you are.

SCORPIO- You are tapped into some new information sources, and you feel the urge to change plans accordingly. Go for it -- your energy is great for practical stuff, so you can change your position for the better.

SAGITTARIUS- You are not feeling your best today -- but try not to take it out on those around you! If they are driving you crazy, it may be that your mood is just out of sync. Alone time might be healing.

CAPRICORN- You need to make sure that you're reaching out to your people today -- no matter how far away they are! It's a really good day for long chats on the phone, or electronically, and the good energy makes it extra sweet.

AQUARIUS- Your people are not exactly on your wavelength today. That doesn't mean that you need to cut your ties, but it does mean that you need to look out for yourself if they start to go in a different direction.

PISCES- Apply that ferocious intellect to your latest conundrum and you should soon have eleven workable solutions. You need to trust in your brainpower if you want to make it through today's work