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Horoscopes for November 28th





ARIES- You want to succeed — who doesn’t? The thing is, with you it’s more of a drive than a vague feeling. You need to make the most of this today, and really push yourself to new heights

TAURUS- You feel much more connected to your people and the world around you. That is almost certainly a good thing, even if someone is grieving or the news you care about is relentlessly bad

GEMINI- Try not to make a big deal out of today’s obstacles — the more you fret, the worse they get! If you just put your back into it and keep pushing, things should get easier prettysoon

CANCER- You’d much rather hangoutin your room or office and not interact with strangers — or even those closest to you, really! It’s a good time for you to just hunker down and take care of business

LEO- You know you’re all that — and at least one other person can see it, too. Still, the vast majority of those around you are either focused on their own business or just don’t want to deal with your awesomeness

VIRGO- Try not to go too crazy when someone’s idea falls flat — help them see how they can tweak it to make it work next time. Criticism is sure to be ignored today unless it is constructive

LIBRA- You’ve got an old issue that still needs to be dealt with — though you may have thought that you had put it to rest ages ago. Just step up and take care of things, because you can’t let it slide

SCORPIO- It’s a stare-down — or something just as juvenile — between you and a coworker or acquaintance today. Your willpower is indomitable, so you can expect to win this handily if you so desire

SAGITTARIUS- Your responsibility today is to speak up — people need to hear your take on events. If you can find a good way to challenge assumptions without worrying anyone needlessly, things should go well for you.

CAPRICORN- Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? Expect good news as your hard work and careful strategy all come to a head. Things should always be this easy, but that would feel like cheating

AQUARIUS- A new limit makes itself known, which is kind of a drag, but still — things could be worse! You are well known as someone who can work around limitations when you must, so go for it!

PISCES- An unexpected favor makes life much easier for you today — so make sure that you’ve got the wits to thank your benefactor! It’s a good time to acquire a new friendin a high place