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December 1st





ARIES- Try your very best not to sign anything today — it is sure to come back to haunt you! Your energy is better spent on keeping track of your past than planning for your future, at least for now.

TAURUS- People have got your back today, so even if you have doubts or concerns, be sure to speak up. At least one person is sure to surprise you with their full-throated support. Relax

GEMINI- Life is just a wee bit too busy for you today, so make sure that you find time to rest and decompress later on. Your energy is better spent on other pursuits anyway, so don’t worry about losing ground.

CANCER- Try not to tackle anything that’s too detail-oriented today — you need to keep your eyes on the big picture! It’s one of those days when you can be sure that things are going your way overall.

LEO- You need to be quite skeptical today — much more so than usual — when you are confronted with a seemingly perfect plan or proposal. Things are not quite as they appear to be, so keep looking

VIRGO- People keep poking along, doing things their own way — even if your way is vastly preferable. You just need to accept that they are slower and less productive than you, at least for the time being.

LIBRA- Do whatever it takes to avoid more work today — even if that means staying home or going incognito. Your current projects are more than enough to keep you busy for quite a while.

SCORPIO- You are not sure what’s going on today — and that’s just what you like! This mystery should energize all the right parts of your brain and keep you on the lookout for clues, so get out there!

SAGITTARIUS- You can’t quite get it together today — it’s harder than usual to start moving, though once you do pick up some momentum, it’s not that hard to keep rolling along through your day.

CAPRICORN- You can solve almost any problem using your creative energy today — so get cracking! You may have to see things from a different perspective or draw on unusual resources, but you can go for it!

AQUARIUS- You’ve got more people to deal with than usual, but that shouldn’t freak you out — if anything, you should be grateful for this opportunity to take your message to the masses! Speak out loud!

PISCES- Do whatever it takes to do right by yourself today — pretend it’s your birthday, break your routines, call in sick or whatever feels right. Your energy is perfect, but it only stays that way if you make it.