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ARIES- Things are turning over and changing for the better -- so even if things feel bad today, you can at least take heart and remember that it is all for the best. Ride out this wave and enjoy the rest of the month!

TAURUS- Your friends know to give you space when you're moody -- and today is a difficult day for you, at least in one major way. Your energy is drawn out, but you can clear out some emotional space with ease.

GEMINI- You can see more deeply into the social swirls around you today -- so make sure that you're paying close attention. Things are good, but they can get better if you are prepared to act.

CANCER- You are seeing the bright side of almost everything today -- which could lead to all sorts of weird problems! Despite your positive energy, you may find it impossible to make up your mind.

LEO- Let your family (or close friends) know that you're there for them. At least one of them really needs your guidance, eleven though they have no real way of asking for it. Your strength is needed!.

VIRGO- Your emotional side is a little overpowered right now, but that doesn't mean that you need to worry about bursting into tears at the sight of a cute kitten. It's a good time to speak honestly to everyone.

LIBRA- You've got to take stock of your stuff -- do you have too much? Not enough? Is it right for your space? Things are looking up, but you've got to make sure that you're living in harmony.

SCORPIO- You are struck by something new and wild -- maybe a big idea, maybe a vision of what's possible. Your energy is just right for changing the world, or at least your little corner of it.

SAGITTARIUS- You are unusually withdrawn today, which may concern your family -- so let them know that it's just a time-out. You don't always get to be the life of the party! Things shift back to normal soon

CAPRICORN- Your mind is sharp today, and you should find that details come to you more easily than usual. Use that boost to ensure that your projects and plans are ready for the next big phase of action

AQUARIUS- You've got some ideas that need airing, so grab a partner (or a victim) and spill them all. Things start to get really interesting toward the end, when the new stuff starts to build on itself!

PISCES- Business is harder than usual for you to deal with today, so make sure that you're equipped, or that your colleagues or partners are there for you. Other aspects of life are much simpler..