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December 2nd





ARIES- You need to drop out a little today — try to do as little as possible. If you can avoid work and even friends, you’re at your best. It may be a good time to rest and recharge on your own.

TAURUS- Your assistance is crucial to getting things done today, so make sure that you’re paying closer attention to those around you and what they need. One signal is sure to get through, and then you can come to the rescue!

GEMINI- You need to expend more mental energy to guarantee clarity today, so make sure that your mind is ready for some extra work. It’s not like it’s hard for you, as long as you can remember to take care.

CANCER- Think big today — your philosophical musings are more important than ever. You may find that at least one person is excited to hear about your new ideas, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

LEO- You’re not totally sure what’s going on today, but that doesn’t mean you can just throw up your hands and walk away. You’ve got to take a second and third look and then see what pops up

VIRGO- Nobody is as organized as you even on a good day — and as far as organization is concerned, this is far from a good day! You may have to use a lot of spare energy putting out fires

LIBRA- Things might not go your way today, but try not to freak out. You are sure to find your stride again in the near future, and this setback will seem small-scale in retrospect.

SCORPIO- Your hidden quirks and skills are coming to the forefront today — hide them no longer! It’s a good time for you to step up and find new ways to impress those around you. Just give it a try!

SAGITTARIUS- You lose something key today — keys, phone, wallet— and need to backtrack in a big way to find it. There’s a small chance it’s gone forever, so you may want to leave anything crucial at home.

CAPRICORN- Take steps today — even baby steps — toward completing your big project. If you have more than one big thing on your plate, you should still focus on just one mission at a time

AQUARIUS- You’ve got to take care of your own needs first now — otherwise, you are sure to find that others take advantage of you until your energy runs out. Pace yourself and everyone is better off.

PISCES- You have even more friends close at hand than you realize — it may be time for a surprise visit from an old pal, or even a surprise declaration from someone you thought was indifferent.