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January 8th






ARIES- You are at the forefront of something new, bold and exciting -- so talk it up! You need fellow pioneers to help you explore every inch of this new territory, and there are plenty who are willing to help.

TAURUS- You have got to be more careful with other people today -- their feelings are more fragile and they may have agendas of their own. Think about how your actions are going to impact theirs.

GEMINI- Your brains are making life a lot more interesting today -- so follow up on all those great ideas! You may find that you need to take a little break at some point for mindless entertainment, and that is just fine!

CANCER- You are feeling just a wee bit self-involved today, which could mean that you need to hang out on your own. It's one of those times when you may find greater value in solitude

LEO- All this terrific energy has to be put to use -- so make sure that you're out there, exploring and digging up new ways to have fun! Your people are sure to follow along for the spectacle.

VIRGO - You feel a bit of cabin fever -- no matter where you are! It may seem as if you're just restless, but there's more going on, so make sure that you have an outlet for these pent-up feelings

LIBRA- You need to communicate more closely with your peers today -- so make sure that they hear what you're trying to tell them! Things may get a little strained, but it's all for the best in the long run

SCORPIO- You are feeling totally wrapped up in whatever you're doing today -- so try to make the most of it! Even if it's sad or less than fun, you can still wring some spiritual growth out of it.

SAGITTARIUS- You are feeling a surge of great energy that keeps you happy and engaged with life. Make the most of it -- this kind of goodness doesn't come along every day, and you could use the lift!

CAPRICORN- Your big ideas need structure today -- and that's one of your specialties! Just make sure that you check in with one or two key players so you're not flying blind. Things should take off soon!

AQUARIUS- You need to tap a few friends to help out with your big project -- or that disaster in the making! Your energy is focused, which is somewhat unusual for you, but you need help to get anything done.

PISCES- Open your eyes! Things are weird and getting weirder, but that doesn't mean you can just ignore your problems. They aren't going away, but you can spot a few clues that can help you to really deal with them