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Horosocopes for December 5th





ARIES- Something— or maybe someone — new comes your way, and you can’t take your eyes off it. Do what you can to clear off your schedule, because you’re going to want to make the most of this.

TAURUS- You feel slowed-down compared to the rat race going on all around you, and you need to just accept that others are swooping past you now. Things should speed up for you in the near future

GEMINI- Today is all about communication, at least as far as you are concerned. You should know just how to tell the right people just what they need to hear — and no more! Drop notes and hints, but not the ball

CANCER- You need to chill out and try to let your reason dominate the conversation. Things are looking up for you, but you might need to suppress some genuine feelings for a bit first.

LEO- You are feeling great about today’s activities, especially as they relate to your own development. Your mental energy is on fire, and you may find it easier than usual to solve big conundrums

VIRGO- You need to fight for what’s yours today, as others have no problem at all with taking it, if possible. See if you can get them to back off by a small show of force; it may be the best solution for all involved

LIBRA- Your working life is more important than ever right now, and you might find that you need to deal with someone who is trying their best to make life difficult for you. Use diplomacy to succeed

SCORPIO- This is not the time to think about profit. Your energy is much better spent on friends, familyand the community, so make sure that you’re focusing all that energy outward. It’ll return later on

SAGITTARIUS- Your energy is extremely active and direct right now, and you can get almost anything done if you put your mind to it. See if you can get your people to follow your lead, as you can’t follow theirs yet.

CAPRICORN- You feel safe — or at least you want to — and today is all about confirming your desire to relax. Once you’ve got all your bases covered, you should be able to get back to basics and enjoy life.

AQUARIUS- You need freedom more than most people, though you may define that word in a typically quirky fashion. You need to spend time today reaching for your own destiny. Come back to others later.

PISCES- Try not to worry too much about mixed messages today — they are coming at you pretty quickly, but you can get past them if you just accept ambiguity as part of life. Things ease up pretty soon