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January 10th







ARIES- You need to avoid the temptation to ignore friends and family today -- no matter what. Your career or other obligations may be calling, but you've got to do what's right before that can happen

TAURUS- You do not need to worry about whether or not your plans are going to work; for today, your great energy ensures that whatever happens will be for the best. Things are sure to get a lot more interesting

GEMINI- You can't tell exactly what's going on right now -- the undercurrents are stronger than the flow of information on the surface. Just ride this phase out and make sense of it later.

CANCER- You are feeling torn between your public and private personae -- so make sure that you're giving both sides equal time. It's one of those days when you're better off shifting and sliding

LEO - You need to deal with yourself in a new way -- so make sure that you're respectful enough of your own priorities and needs that you can actually get something done! Look in a mirror

VIRGO- You need to remember what you're working for -- and today brings a definite reminder that you are on the right track! It's a really good time for you to step up your efforts and keep the ball rolling

LIBRA- An old problem rears its head and threatens to make your life a little more challenging. Just roll with it for now until you see what's changed -- the same old solutions just don't work.

SCORPIO-You are perfectly in charge of your own willpower and destiny right now -- so set yourself up in the right place to take advantage of this energy. It can't last forever, but it shouldn't have to!

SAGITTARIUS- Are you interested in money -- or obsessed? Your mind may be wrapped up in financial issues, or maybe you just want something that's a little out of reach at the moment. Try to just chill.

CAPRICORN-You get a sweet note -- or some other kind of communication -- that lets you know that your efforts are being watched and appreciated. It's a good moment, but it's something to build on, too

AQUARIUS-  Can you get a grip? You need to do so quickly, because things are starting to spin out of control. All you need is a little discipline in order to rein it all back in, but that may be hard to come by.

PISCES- You've got it easy today -- though it may not feel like it at first! Just make sure that you're seeing things in the right way, as you may be looking for hidden nuance that simply does not exist.