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January 14th







ARIES- Your ability to lead is unquestioned, but sometimes you forget to make your move. Now is the time to remind everyone what you are capable of. Inspire them, cajole them, or do whatever else it takes.

TAURUS- You need to step up to the big fight that's brewing today -- it does directly affect your work or home life. It's a power struggle at its heart, and you can bring something special to it.

GEMINI- Your opinions go through the wringer today -- so much so that you may be totally turned around on some major issues! There's nothing wrong with that, but you may need to rethink a few other things as well.

CANCER- You need to display a little emotional flexibility today -- even if you're not feeling it! Someone close needs to see that you can pick yourself back up quickly after a fall. You can do it.

LEO- It's past time for you to step up and make sure that you're seeing this big problem from the right angle. It's almost a certainty that you need to try something new, so think laterally and see what happens

VIRGO - You've got a lot to say -- but try to put it all in positive terms, if possible. You should find that things get a lot harder for everyone if you lead with criticism instead of getting creative

LIBRA- You're still having fun, even if the weather is nasty -- you just feel lifted by something welling up within you. It's a really good time for you to appreciate just how great you really have it.

Scorpio- Try not to worry too much about your parents or other elders -- though they may be exasperating. You just need to take a deep breath and remember that at this point, you have to be the grown-up sometimes

SAGITTARIUS- You need to explore a new idea -- or check out a part of the world you never thought much about before. It's a good time to show your people that you've got some fire left in you!

CAPRICORN- You need to show off a little today -- so tell your sweetie or your boss what you want out of the future. You should impress them quite a bit, as you are almost certain to have something sweet up your sleeve!

AQUARIUS- You are surrounded by people who need to see things the way you see them, so share your ideas and see who responds well. You should find that things start to really move later in the day.

PISCES- Try not to freak out too much when your brain starts working overtime early today -- it's just trying to get all your great ideas out before quiet time starts later on. Write them down so you can't forget!