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Meditation for Women with Cancer

January 27th, 2014 -

Date:  1/27, 2/24, 3/24, 4/28, Wednesdays

Cost: Free, but pre-registration is required.  [newline] Location:  Mahopac Public Library, 668 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 

Open to people living with breast, ovarian or gynecological cancer. Meditation includes a wide range of techniques that can be practiced any time, anywhere and in any way. In this four session workshop participants will be guided to practice meditation in many different ways in order to reap the benefits which include slowing and deepening breath, relaxing the nervous system, muscles and tendons, increasing the efficiency of the immune system, aiding in blood flow and heart efficiency, and increasing digestive system functioning.

INSTRUCTOR: Chun Kim-Levin, MPA, RN, HN-BC, CYT has been a healthcare professional for over 35 years, with 15 years of healthcare management experience. Founder of Life-Spring Holistic Services.

To learn more or to pre-register (PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED) call Support Connection at 914-962-6402 or 800-532-4290.