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AA (Artists Anonymous) Meeting

February 22nd, 2014 -

Will be filming a segment for Phan Media. The segment will be an AA meeting for artists. Artists of all disciplines, from rappers, singers, painters to designers to models and actors. Whatever your discipline is, bring your struggles, your issues and your stories of how you got started to where you are now and to where are we trying to go. We want to film this segment in a good, clean and fun atmosphere with truths and inspirations for all of us with aspirations. We'll also network and have some key discussions aka 12-step program:


- Artist Development (Education to Action)


- How we can strategically help each other grow as Artists (community vs social media/Support Systems)


- The Art of Bartering


- Creating a Productive & Creative Atmosphere


- Diversifying your Portfolio


- Thinking like a Label/Production Company


- Strengths vs Weakness


- What we HAVE or what we WANT


- Procrastination


- Steps to Goals


- Success Prevention


- Communication