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January 30, 2015

Jan 30, 2015 -- 10:19am

Suge Knight got into a fight on the set of a film project in Compton, ran over a man who later died, and then fled the scene. Multiple witnesses say a movie shoot was going down when Suge pulled up in his car. Security told Suge to leave and a fight broke out between Suge and 2 men. Suge got back into his car, took the wheel and threw the vehicle in reverse ... and ran over a man who suffered fatal injuries. It's unclear at this point if the victim was connected to the movie, but Suge has been arrested.

Shakira has given birth to her second son … Sasha…with boyfriend Gerard Piqué at a hospital in Barcelona on Thursday night, where she underwent a scheduled Caesarean section.

Katy Perry said yesterday that she thinks a lot of her Super Bowl halftime show will be live . . . but she also said they only have a short amount of time to set up the stage and assemble everything, so it won't be totally live. And when they asked if she was going to have her eye on anyone this weekend, she referenced Marshawn Lynch . . . and said, quote, "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman could actually miss the game, because his girlfriend might go into labor during the Super Bowl.  Yesterday he said, quote, "You know, I'd not like to miss the birth of my first son, my first kid.

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has set a new Guinness World Record for the most one-handed catches in one minute . . . with 33. 

Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his wife are expecting their third child.

Disney's first Latina princess is here.  Her name is Princess Elena of Avalor, but there isn’t a movie.   Elena will make her debut on the Disney Junior series "Sofia the First" next year, before getting her own show.

The trailer for "Ted 2" is about as graphic as you'd expect, including jokes about donating man seed.

Tara Reid Tweeted Lady Gaga to ask her to be in "Sharknado 3".

Eve and Jill Scott questioned whether Iggy Azalea is being "herself" when she raps, or if she's trying to act black.  Iggy Tweeted, quote, "When people I've never met say I should act more like 'myself', I feel like they're really saying 'act more like how I stereotype you to be, so I can feel comfortable.'  I'm myself as strange as I may be, daily."

The "Game of Thrones" IMAX experience starts its one-week limited engagement at 200 theaters today. 

Snickers released their Super Bowl ad yesterday, and if you've ever wondered what it would be like if Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo from "Machete" were on "The Brady Bunch" . . . wonder no more.



Sunday at 6 p.m. on NBC:  "Super Bowl XLIX". The Patriots take on the Seahawks in Arizona.

And "The Blacklist" will air in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot after the game.


January 29, 2015

Jan 29, 2015 -- 10:18am

In addition to Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, three more pairings have been announced for the Grammys:  Jessie J and Tom Jones, Hozier and Annie Lennox, and Gwen Stefani will perform with Adam Levine.

Justin Bieber posted a video yesterday admitting he's been, quote, "arrogant and conceited" over the past year and a half.  He added, quote, "I really want people to know how much I care . . . about people, and how I'm not that person to say 'I don't give a [flip]', you know.  I'm not that kid.  I'm a person who genuinely cares."   

This probably isn't true, but that tabloid the "Star" says Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend and baby daddy Scott Disick is cheating on her . . . with her sister Kendall Jenner.  A source says, quote, "He saw Kendall as an adult . . . a superhot and fun one at that." 

Kim Kardashian is seeing a nutritionist, because she's gained 15 pounds.  Also, she and Kanye are trying to have another baby.

Ludacris just got some very good news.  The rapper-actor had been engaged in a court battle with Tamika Fuller regarding their 13-month-old daughter, Cai. On Monday, a judge granted him full custody.

You know how Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch showed up to that media event on Tuesday, and answered every question with "I'm just here so I won't get fined"?  Well, it turns out he might get fined after all, but not for being stubborn . . . for wearing an unapproved hat.

80-year-old "Brady Bunch" mom Florence Henderson still loves to get it on.  She says, quote, "It keeps getting better.  You learn to do things with more experience, intelligence and the ability to choose more wisely."  She even has a friend with benefits.  He's a chiropractor in Florida. 

Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm, Chris Pine, and Jason Schwartzman have joined the cast of "Wet Hot American Summer".

Brad Pitt is in talks to star in a movie called "Africa" that his wife Angelina Jolie is directing. 

Budweiser unveiled its "Lost Puppy" Super Bowl ad yesterday, and it's even cheesier than you imagined.  In addition to getting lost and having to find its way home, the puppy is almost attacked by a wolf.  But the Clydesdale and his friends save the day by scaring it off. 

Old-school entertainer Joel Grey has finally come out . . . at the age of 82.  He's the father of "Dirty Dancing" minx Jennifer Grey.



"American Idol" auditions . . . 8:00 P.M. on Fox.

 ABC has the midseason return of "Grey's Anatomy", "Scandal", and "How to Get Away with Murder".


January 28, 2015

Jan 28, 2015 -- 10:17am

Hackers took over Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts yesterday, and threatened to post nude photos of her.  But after Taylor got control of her accounts back, she Tweeted, quote, "Any hackers saying they have 'nudes'?  Psssh you'd love that wouldn't you!  Have fun Photoshopping 'cause you got nothing." 

Disney is launching a "Frozen"-themed cruise this summer.  It'll go to points North, like Norway, Iceland, Alaska, and Scotland.

Victoria's Secret is doing a swimsuit special.  It'll air on CBS on February 26th.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will perform at the Grammys.

Somebody painted a picture of Fat Albert on a wall in New York City, holding a sign that says "Hey Hey Hey Bill Just Admit It!"

 Christina Aguilera and the Rockettes will kick off the NBA All-Star Game.

Shakira was reportedly admitted to a Barcelona hospital yesterday to give birth to her second child.  There's no word if she had it yet.

"Bridesmaids" stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy will star in the female reboot of "Ghostbusters".  They'll be backed up by current "Saturday Night Live" cast members Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

During the Super Bowl's "Media Day," Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch continued his stand-off with the press by answering about 30 questions over the course of five minutes with variations of the phrase:  "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

Disney is looking to re-start the "Indiana Jones" franchise . . . and the guy they're eyeing for the lead is:  "Guardians of the Galaxy" star Chris Pratt.  No word from Disney yet, but a "Variety" reporter says Bradley Cooper is also in the mix.

GoDaddy.com released a Super Bowl ad that mocks the Budweiser puppy commercials.  But animal lovers flipped, because instead of a happy reunion with his owners, the puppy is sold online to what appears to be a breeder.  GoDaddy dropped the ad because of the backlash, but said it still has a commercial to run during the game.




"American Idol" auditions . . . 8:00 P.M. on Fox.

The season premiere of "The Americans" . . . 10:00 P.M. on FX.


January 27, 2015

Jan 27, 2015 -- 10:22am

Every year, EA Sports runs a simulated "Super Bowl" using the latest "Madden" video game.  It's been right EIGHT of the last 11 years.  And this year's simulation says the Patriots will beat the Seahawks 28-to-24.

In an interview yesterday, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady admitted that he was a little sad when everyone accused him of cheating.  He said, quote, "I personalized a lot of things, and thought this was all about me, and my feelings got hurt.  And then I moved past it, because it's not serving me." 

Fox Sports is reporting that the NFL is "zeroing in" on a, quote, "person of interest."  That person is a Patriots locker room attendant.  Sources say there's surveillance video showing the attendant taking the footballs from the official's locker room into another room before bringing them out to the field.

In a new interview, Kim Kardashian keeps her words just as ambiguous as Bruce Jenner’s gender.  She says, quote, "I'll say that I think Bruce should tell his story his way . . . I think he'll share whenever the time is right.  I think [he's] the happiest I've ever seen him . . . He's our dad so we support him no matter what." 

"Harry Potter" minx Emma Watson will play Belle in a live-action version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast".  She says, quote, "My six year old self is on the ceiling . . . heart bursting.  Time to start some singing lessons.  I can't wait for you to see it."   

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be inducted into the "celebrity wing" of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Nick Jonas has joined the cast of "Scream Queens" . . . the new Fox series from the creators of "American Horror Story" and "Glee".   

CBS has a series in the works based on the "Rush Hour" movies.

Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa has filed a lawsuit against Yorkville Endoscopy over the death of her mother.  She's also suing Joan's personal doctor, who was present and performed an unauthorized procedure.  Melissa could walk away from this with millions. 

The first film in Adam Sandler’s four-movie deal with Netflix will be a comedy Western called "The Ridiculous 6", and the cast is stacked.  It includes Taylor Lautner, Nick Nolte, Whitney Cummings, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Buscemi, Luke Wilson . . . and Vanilla Ice.

Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne have been given songwriting credit for Sam Smith’s "Stay With Me", because it sounds like Petty's 1989 song "I Won't Back Down", which they wrote.  The writers of "Stay With Me" claim they weren't familiar with the Petty song when they wrote it, but they gave in without a fight because they realized the songs were similar. Petty is now listed co-writing the song.



“NCIS” . . .  8 P.M. on CBS.

"Sirens" . . . 10:00 P.M. on USA.


January 26, 2015

Jan 26, 2015 -- 10:17am

Patrick Dempsey’s wife Jillian has filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage.  And it could get ugly since there's no prenup.  Meanwhile, Mandy Moore is splitting from Ryan Adams after almost six years of marriage. 

Kanye West refused to sign a wedding picture of Kim Kardashian . . . because it was a picture from Kim's second wedding, to Kris Humphries.  And instead of freaking out, Kanye just walked away.

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega is your new Miss Universe.  Miss USA was the runner-up.

Snooki got ordained so she can officiate the gay wedding of her hairdressers.

Rihanna released a new track called "FourFiveSeconds", featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney.  This is Kanye's second collaboration with Paul.  They also released a track called "Only One". 

Bob Dylan is putting his new album "Shadows in the Night" in 50,000 randomly selected copies of "AARP: The Magazine".  The AARP is the American Association of retired persons.  For everyone else, the album will be released on February 3rd.

"Birdman" and "Orange Is the New Black" were among the winners at the SAG Awards last night.  Viola Davis called out Hollywood for its lack of diversity.  Naomi Watts tripped over Emma Stone’s skirt. 

A "Mrs. Doubtfire" stage musical is happening. 

 An animated "Jetsons" movie is in the works.

"American Sniper" dominated the box office for a second week, earning $64.4 million and bringing its total domestic haul to just over $200 million.  The Jennifer Lopez thriller "The Boy Next Door" debuted in 2nd place with $15 million .

New England coach Bill Belichick spent a lot of time conducting science experiments and simulations to determine how the footballs lost air pressure on their own, and he blames it on climate, game day conditions, and how the balls have been handled leading up to the game.  He said he's "handled dozens of balls" over the past week . . . and that vigorous ball-rubbing could stimulate the football.

Julia Roberts will star in a movie about "Batkid" . . . a.k.a. real-life cancer survivor Miles Scott.  The movie will be based on a documentary called "Batkid Begins:  The Wish Heard Around the World". 

Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks has died.  He was 83.



"The Bachelor" . . . 8:00 P.M. on ABC. 

"Celebrity Apprentice" . . . 8:00 P.M. on NBC.  


January 23, 2015

Jan 23, 2015 -- 10:28am

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick once again denied any involvement in the so-called "DeflateGate" yesterday . . . and Brady's ball talk seemed particularly sexual, almost as if he was doing it on purpose.  There's still no official comment from the NFL.

Nick Jonas grabs himself and just generally looks hot in a new "GQ" spread.

Will Ferrell hit a cheerleader in the head with a basketball, point blank, during Wednesday night's game between the Lakers and the Pelicans in New Orleans.  But it was just something that was being filmed for his upcoming movie "Daddy's Home". 

Paula Abdul is a reality show judge again.  She and Jason Derulo are joining Nigel Lythgoe at the judges' table for Season 12 of "So You Thing You Can Dance".

Adam Lasher auditioned for "American Idol" on last night's episode.  He's actually related to a very well-known musician . . .  his uncle is Carlos Santana.

Jeff Gordon is retiring from full-time racing.

If you're trying to hook up on Tinder, it might not be a good idea to brag about hooking up with a famous athlete.  But 19-year-old "Stephanie" doesn't care.  She posted a picture of herself kissing New York Giants rookie Odell Beckham Jr., and captioned it, quote, "I [effed] Odell Beckham Jr."   

Bob Dylan says if he had it to do all over again, he'd be a schoolteacher.

The Jennifer Lopez thriller "The Boy Next Door" hits theaters this weekend.  She's up against Johnny Depp as "Mortdecai", Jennifer Aniston in "Cake", and an animated musical called "Strange Magic". 

Budweiser is mining that puppy / Clydesdale relationship for its Super Bowl ad again this year.  This time, the puppy gets lost, and the horse helps find him.

Melissa Benoist will star in CBS' new "Supergirl" series.  She plays Marley Rose on "Glee".

Kobe Bryant has a torn rotator cuff . . . which could end his season.

Kanye West has been working with Paul McCartney recently . . . on at least one song.

Yesterday on "The View", Rosie O'Donnell said, quote, "We're going to take a break and be right back with even more hot topics.  This is 'The Talk'.   "No, 'The View'."  It didn't seem like a mistake.  It sounded like a little dig at "The Talk". 


Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on NBC:  "The Miss Universe Pageant" .

Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on TNT.  "The Screen Actors Guild Awards".


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