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December 6th

Dec 06, 2012 -- 10:13am








The nominees for the "55th Grammy Awards" were announced last night . . . and Kanye West, Jay-Z, Fun, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, and Frank Ocean led the way, with six nominations apiece.  The Grammys air live on February 10th on CBS. Some of the nominees were announced in "The Grammy Nominations Concert Live" special.  It was mostly uneventful . . . but one of the few highlights came when TAYLOR SWIFT beat-boxed during a duet with LL COOL J. The Grammys air live on February 10th on CBS.

The Huffington Post has put together a list of the Most Controversial Couples of the Year.  Check 'em out -Mary Kate Olsen and her 42-year-old boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy

-Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

--Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus

--Heidi Klum and Seal

-Rihanna and Chris Brown


It may not be over for DANNY DEVITO and RHEA PERLMAN. "Extra" asked Danny if he's adjusting to being single, and he said, quote, "It's not something you adjust to . . . Rhea and I are really close.  Actually, still together, just separate, but together." Then "Extra" asked him if there's a chance they'll get back together.  He said, quote, "We're working on it."

FRANKIE MUNIZ says he's happy to be alive, following his mini-stroke last week.  Frankie says he eats like a "7- to 10-year-old boy", but still considers himself healthy.  He works out, and has never touched drugs or alcohol, or even smoked a cigarette.  He still plans to go out on tour with his band this weekend.

SCOTT EVANS . . . the younger brother of "Captain America" stud CHRIS EVANS . . . was arrested Tuesday night for trying to buy drugs from an undercover cop.  There's no word what he was trying to buy. Scott played Officer Oliver Fish on "One Life to Live" from 2008 to 2010.  Yesterday, he Tweeted, quote, "Most ridiculous night of my life in LA so far.  At least I made it a year before getting arrested."  (--Scott is 29 . . . Chris is 31.)

Police have determined that GABRIEL AUBRY was responsible for his fight with OLIVIER MARTINEZ in front of HALLE BERRY'S house on Thanksgiving Day.According to their version of the events, Aubry shoved Martinez and then took a swing at him . . . which only managed to land on his shoulder.  Of course, Martinez answered with three quick shots to the face, which ended the fight. And although police are concerned with Aubry's ongoing anger issues, both Halle and Olivier have said they don't want him prosecuted, because it wouldn't be in the best interest of Halle and Aubry's daughter.



There are so many Christmas movies out there . . . but there are 20 that you may not have seen.  Because according to, they're the Most Underrated Christmas Movies.  Here's the Top 10 #1.)  "Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas",  1977

#2.)  "Prancer",  1989

#3.)  "Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey",  1977

 #4.)  "Gremlins",  1984  (--This one doesn't always get lumped in with Christmas movies, but it DOES take place at Christmas.)

#5.)  "The Christmas Toy",  1986

#6.)  "Babes in Toyland",  1986

#7.)  "White Christmas",  1954

#8.)  "The Night They Saved Christmas",  1984

#9.)  "A Smoky Mountain Christmas",  1986

 #10.)  "One Magic Christmas",  1985

DENNIS HAYSBERT will replace MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN in "Sin City 2" . . . which is due out next October.  Duncan died of a heart attack in September.Duncan played a villain named Manute . . . who actually DIED in the first one.  Part 2 obviously won't be a chronological sequel.

KRISTEN WIIG is reportedly in negotiations to join the cast of "Anchorman:  The Legend Continues" . . . as a love interest for STEVE CARELL'S character Brick Tamland.

RIHANNA is the executive producer on an upcoming "fashion competition reality series."  It's called "Styled to Rock", and it will air on the Style Network sometime next year. Rihanna will "handpick" 12 amateur designers to be on the show, along with three mentors, who will guide them each week.  She's also expected to make appearances, but she won't be on it regularly as a judge or host.

ALICIA KEYS just topped the "Billboard" 200 chart for the fifth time in her career, as her new album "Girl On Fire" debuted with 159,000 copies.That was the only debut in the Top 20 this week . . . the second-highest was way down at # 29, where Timeflies' "One Night" EP opened with 24,000 copies.

1.)  (NEW)  "Girl On Fire", Alicia Keys  (159,000 copies)

2.)  "Red", Taylor Swift  (137,000 copies)

 3.)  "Merry Christmas, Baby", Rod Stewart  (117,000 copies)



Ariel Winter's mother recently attempted to leak nude photos of Ariel's sister Shanelle Gray through a Hollywood publicist -- this according to the publicist himself, who could end up playing a critical role in the battle for custody of Ariel. Jonathan Hay tells TMZ ... Chrystal Workman -- the "Modern Family" star's mother -- contacted him this week, and said she had nude photos of Shanelle she wanted to secretly release to the public.TMZ broke the story ... a judge awarded Shanelle guardianship of 14-year-old Ariel in October after allegations Chrystal was emotionally and physically abusing Ariel.Hay claims Chrystal hounded him all week about leaking the pics -- which he says are 8 or 9 years old -- but he refused because he felt like Chrystal was trying to "sell out her daughter" ... and he wanted to help Ariel. Hay says he's already been contacted by a member of Ariel's legal team -- but adds at this point it's unclear how much of a role, if any, he will play in the case.Hay says he would have no problem filing a declaration in support of Ariel -- but says he has not been asked to do so yet.Ariel's case will be back in court on December 10.

Jay-Z's eight-night stand at Brooklyn's new Barclays Center in September was historic and a feat few of his contemporaries could pull off. So it was fitting that the experience would warrant its own documentary, "Where I'm From," that debuted on Jay-Z's Times+Life website Tuesday, the hip-hop mogul's 43rd birthday.But there's a breakout star in the 24-minute video - Brooklyn artist Ellen Grossman."Where I'm From" captures Jay-Z taking the subway to his last night at the 18,000-seat arena. Jay sits next to the unassuming 67-year-old woman and makes conversation.Grossman has a sense that Jay may be a person of note and asks if he is famous. First he says yes, and then he adds, "Not very famous, you don't know me. But I'll get there someday." Jay humbly introduces himself, extending his hand, and asks her name.  She replies, "Ellen" and asks what he does for a living.When Jay tells her that he makes music, she asks if he just performed. "I'm on my way to a performance at the new Brooklyn arena," he says."Fabulous," she replies."I performed eight shows actually," he says."Already?" she responds with surprise."This is the last show, the eighth show," he continues."And you're going by subway?" she asks, seeming impressed."Yes," he says."I'm proud of you," she says, complimenting him.Then she asks him to repeat his name "just so I get it."He says, "Jay. Jay-Z."And she blushes, displaying part excitement, part embarrassment."Oh, you're Jay-Z. I know about Jay-Z," she gushes.


--"Thursday Night Football" . . . 8:20 to 11:20 P.M. Eastern on NFL Network.  The Oakland Raiders host the Denver Broncos at the Coliseum in Oakland.

 --"The X Factor" [Results] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox.

 --"The Office" . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on NBC.  Dwight throws a traditional Schrute German Christmas when the office holiday party goes south.

 --"Parks and Recreation" . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC.  Christie Brinkley guest stars as Jerry's wife.

 --"Grey's Anatomy" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC.  Meredith seeks Heather's help to repair Derek's hand while Cristina encourages her interns to be competitive with each other.


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