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January 21st

Jan 21, 2013 -- 7:48am







In his first interview, Notre Dame linebacker MANTI TE'O told ESPN that he wasn't involved in the dead-girlfriend hoax . . . and started answering some of the many questions that came out of that bizarre story.  When asked who WAS responsible for the hoax he said it was Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, plus another guy and a girl.  And he says he TRIED to video chat with his girlfriend, but there were technical difficulties.

 KATIE COURIC has landed the first TELEVISED interview with MANTI TE'O . . . although it's unclear what more Manti has to say about the dead-girlfriend hoax than he already said in his super long, off-camera interview with ESPN on Friday.-Katie's interview . . . with Manti and his parents . . . will air on her daytime talk show this Thursday.  It will be taped ahead of time, and clips from it will be shown on "Good Morning America" and "other ABC News programs" beforehand. It's unclear when the interview will actually take place.

SELENA GOMEZ made a pretty clear statement during a UNICEF charity concert on Saturday by covering two famous BREAKUP SONGS.First she did JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S "Cry Me A River" . . . which JUSTIN BIEBER once sang at a show right after he and Selena broke up the FIRST time.  Selena said, "This song definitely speaks to me." Then she did TAYLOR SWIFT'S "I Knew You Were Trouble".  And she intro-ed that one by saying, "If anybody has felt anything painful to their heart, they know who this girl is.  Sing along if you know it."

MARK SALLING . . . who plays Puck on "Glee" . . . is being sued for sexual battery and assault by a woman who claims he had unprotected sex with her , even though she asked him to wear a condom.Roxanne Gorzela says she and Salling were getting friendly back in March of 2011, when he INTENTIONALLY put it in without sheathing it first. -Roxanne says she immediately told him to put a condom on if he wanted to have sex . . . but he didn't . . . and then he put it in AGAIN.In the days following the encounter, Roxanne says she was "overwhelmed with anxiety" at the prospect that she could have contracted an STD. -She called and texted him several times to ask about the last time he'd been tested, but he ignored her. So she went to his house to confront him personally, and found him in bed with another woman.  She says he grabbed and pushed her, causing her to hit her head.  She filed a police report the following day.Roxanne is seeking unspecified damages.-Salling's rep says, quote, "There is no truth to this.  It's the textbook case of a disgruntled girl looking to cash in on a TV star's success.  We turn the rest over to Mark's attorneys and have no further comment."

DANIEL RADCLIFFE is reportedly dating ERIN DARKE . . . his co-star in a new movie called "Kill Your Darlings".  The two of them were spotted kissing and "cuddling" at the Sundance Film Festival.





MICHAEL J. FOX dissed TAYLOR SWIFT pretty hard when somebody asked him if he'd want his son to date her.  But all is well. Taylor's fans were apparently pretty upset, but Michael made good with her.  On Friday she Tweeted, "Hey everybody, Michael J. Fox got in touch with me today and we are good.  Thank you for having my back."

BARBARA WALTERS was hospitalized Saturday night after she fell on some stairs and hit her head.  One of her ABC News bosses says, "Out of an abundance of caution, she went to the hospital to have her cut tended to, have a full examination and remains there for observation.-"Barbara is alert (and telling everyone what to do), which we all take as a very positive sign."

LANCE ARMSTRONG has a lot of celebrity friends.  Maybe none closer than MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY.  They're fellow Texans, and at one time, they were SHIRTLESS JOGGING BUDDIES. So how is Matthew feeling now that he knows that Lance lied to everyone . . . including HIM . . . all these years?  Mostly, he's happy for Lance.  But he wasn't at first. -He says, "My first reaction was I was pissed off.  I was mad.  I then got kind of sad for him.  First off, I had a part of me that took it kind of personally, which I think a lot of people have. Where I am now is I've put myself out of the way and I am happy for this guy, who has now chosen to reenter this new chapter of his life a truly free man. And the weight he had on his shoulders, without the boogieman under the bed, the skeleton in the closet that he's carried for 14 years.  Fourteen years he lied and carried the lie with him. It's going to be miserable [at first].  But he's looking it in the eye, and he'll handle it.  He'll deal.  And he's ready for how hard it's going to be to deal."

OPRAH WINFREY'S interview with LANCE ARMSTRONG did exactly what she hoped it would: It inspired people to watch her network. On Thursday night, 4.3 million people pulled up their cable guides to find OWN.There's no word how many people tuned in for the conclusion of the interview on Friday night, but frankly, it wasn't anywhere near as exciting or interesting.The inevitable Lance Armstrong MOVIE is already in the works. J.J. Abrams of "Lost" and "Star Trek" fame is developing it, but there's no word if he'll direct.

Two baseball legends are gone.  Famous St. Louis Cardinals slugger STAN "THE MAN" MUSIAL died Saturday at the age of 92 . . . and hot-tempered Baltimore Orioles manager EARL WEAVER died Friday on a cruise sponsored by the team.  He was 82.

 CBS commentator Shannon Sharpe ripped into New England coach Bill Belichick for refusing to give a post-game interview when the Patriots lost to the Ravens last night.  He said, "Bill Belichick makes it real easy for you to root against the Patriots.  You can't be a poor sport all the time.  You're not gonna win all the time.  And he does this every time he loses.  It is unacceptable."





JESSICA CHASTAIN had the top two movies at the box office this weekend.  Her horror movie "Mama" took the top spot with $28.1 million . . . while "Zero Dark Thirty" took 2nd place with $17.6 million. Further down the list, MARK WAHLBERG'S crime thriller "Broken City" made $9 million in 5th place . . . and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S new action movie "The Last Stand" bombed with just $6.3 million in 10th place.

 1.)  (NEW)  "Mama", $28.1 million.

2.)  "Zero Dark Thirty", $17.6 million.  Up to $55.9 million in its 5th week.

3.)  "Silver Linings Playbook", $11.4 million.  Up to $55.3 million in its 10th week.

4.)  "Gangster Squad", $9.1 million.  Up to $32.2 million in its 2nd week.

5.)  (NEW)  "Broken City", $9 million.

Production has been halted on the "Django Unchained" dolls, thanks to all the public pressure. -The Weinstein Company, which produced the movie, decided that dolls . . . even "collectible figures" made for adults . . . based on a movie about slavery were a bad idea.-Some apparently did slip out of the factory, though, because people are trying to sell them for INSANE prices online.  (--You can find them on Amazon, for instance, for hundreds of dollars apiece.)

ROBERT F. CHEW . . . who played Proposition Joe on the HBO show "The Wire" . . . passed away in his sleep last Thursday.  He was 52.He reportedly died of heart failure . . . and "morbid obesity" was listed as a contributing factor.  That isn't surprising, Robert was a big dude.

The original Batmobile was auctioned off over the weekend, and it went for $4.62 million.  This is the one from the '60s series starring Adam West.  Six Batmobiles were used during the show's run  and this was the first one.  Two years ago, we heard about a company that was granted permission to make full-scale, street legal, exact replicas of the original Batmobile.  And THOSE were going for $150,000 each. And in 2010, the Aston Martin DB5 that SEAN CONNERY drove in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger" was also auctioned off for $4.6 million.

Chris' rep has confirmed that he and Rihanna are collaborating on another single.  This comes after they were both spotted outside a recording studio last week.  There aren't details on it for now. This is their FOURTH collaboration in the past year.  They did "Nobodies Business" for Rihanna's new album "Unapologetic", and they teamed up for remixes of Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" and Chris' "Turn Up the Music".





Beyonce's dad Mathew Knowles emailed an ominous threat to the mother of his 2-year-old son -- or so the woman claims, and now she's gunning for him in court ... TMZ has learned.Knowles' baby mama Alexsandra Wright filed legal docs, asking the family court judge to up her child support to cover expenses for security to protect their kid.  Mathew is currently on the hook for $12k a month.Wright claims she needs security because of a "threatening" email Knowles sent her back in September 2011, in which he wrote, "You hurt my family. There's a price to pay." According to the docs, Wright also wants additional dough to cover expenses for a secure, private school.Sources close to Knowles tell TMZ ...  he faithfully pays child support, adding the only reason he hasn't paid expenses for schooling is because they haven't agreed on the school.We're told Knowles thinks Wright's latest legal move could backfire because his income has drastically decreased since the original order was issued.  As you know, Beyonce gave him walking papers in 2011.Knowles believes the judge could actually reduce his monthly payments


Now he’s got a little Idol of his own! American Idol season eight finalist Danny Gokey and his wife Leyicet welcomed their first child, son Daniel Emanuel Gokey, on Sunday, Jan. 20, PEOPLE confirms exclusively.Weighing in at 8 lbs. 11 oz., Daniel arrived at 9:52 p.m. EST on his due date.The timing for their newborn couldn’t be better. Almost exactly one year ago, Gokey, 32, and his model wife, 26, tied the knot in a low key affair in Florida on January 29. Six months later, they shared the happy news of their pregnancy. This is the second marriage for Gokey, who tragically lost his first wife Sophia in 2008 after a routine surgery for congenital heart disease. Gokey now runs the Sophia’s Heart Foundation, which helps homeless families, in her honor.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Adrienne Maloof recently divorced Paul Nassif. If you watch the show you pretty much saw that one coming. Maloof is reportedly dating Sean Stewart, son of rock star Rod Stewart, according to TMZ. The 51-year-old "Housewives" star and Palms Hotel mogul is almost 20 years older than the troubled 32-year-old. The two were spotted cuddling and kissing.




--"The Following" [Series Premiere] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox.  Kevin Bacon stars as a former FBI agent called out of retirement to help recapture a serial killer.

--"Watch What Happens:  Live" . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Bravo.  "Today's" Hoda Kotb guests.


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