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May 2nd

May 02, 2013 -- 7:47am






Chris Kelly, half of the 1990s kid rap duo Kris Kross who made one of the decade's most memorable songs with the frenetic "Jump," died at an Atlanta hospital on Wednesday of an apparent drug overdose at his home, authorities said. He was 34. No official cause of death has been determined, pending an autopsy. Kelly, known as "Mac Daddy," and Chris Smith, known as "Daddy Mac," were introduced to the music world in 1992 by music producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri after he discovered the pair in an Atlanta mall. The duo wore their clothes backwards as a gimmick, but they won over fans with their raps. Their first, and by far most successful song, was "Jump." The hit, off their multiplatinum 1992 debut album "Totally Krossed Out," featured the two trading versus and rapping the refrain, the song's title. The duo had surprising maturity in their rap delivery, though the song was written by Dupri. It would become a No. 1 smash in the United States and globally, and one of the most popular of that year.

"FHM" has dropped its 100 Sexiest Women in the World list, and they put Mila Kunis at the top of it.  She's followed by Rihanna and three British women:  Helen Flanagan, Michelle Keegan and Kelly Brook.

1.  Mila Kunis

2.  Rihanna

3.  Helen Flanagan

4.  Michelle Keegan

5.  Kelly Brook

6.  Kaley Cuoco

 7.  British singer Pixie Lott

8.  Kate Upton

9.  British singer and TV personality Cheryl Cole

10.  Irish model Georgia Salpa

"FHM" is a British magazine, so the UK is pretty heavily represented.  But there are plenty of names you'll recognize, too.  Here they are . . .

12.  Taylor Swift

16.  Katy Perry

17.  Megan Fox

19.  Beyonce Knowles

20.  Jennifer Lawrence

"Us Weekly" claims that JENNIFER ANISTON is pushing back her wedding to JUSTIN THEROUX so it doesn't conflict with BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE'S . . . which is supposedly about to happen.  A source says, quote, "She does not want her day associated with them."

 Lindsay Lohan posted a picture of herself surrounded by clothes, along with the caption, "90 days and 270 looks."  In other words, she's bringing 270 outfits to rehab with her.  That means three outfits per day.  I’m glad to see her priorities are in line.


TARA REID has revealed that she and LINDSAY LOHAN "don't like each other that much."  She added, quote, "If I get drunk, I'm a happy drunk.  When she gets drunk, she's just mean.  She's so paranoid.  She takes her drink, any time she thinks someone has a camera phone on, and drops it in an ice bucket."

AMANDA BYNES says she has no idea why people call her crazy . . . adding, quote, "Every time I've heard it, it came from an ugly person's mouth, so I don't care.  The only ones lying about me having a mental illness are people I don't talk to.  I only have hot friends.  They have my back until I die."  She also claims she doesn't drink because she's allergic to alcohol.

JASON COLLINS has been getting death threats on Twitter since coming out.  It's unclear why that warrants being threatened online . . . but apparently some people out there are WAY too passionate about Jason's sexual orientation.

 "Hangover" director TODD PHILLIPS says that Jake Gyllenhaal, Jonah Hill and Thomas Haden Church were all considered for the part of Alan . . . which ZACH GALIFIANAKIS ended up playing.  Lindsay Lohan was also considered for the part of the stripper, Jade, but they went with HEATHER GRAHAM instead.

The sci-fi world has been waiting to see what a Klingon looks like in J.J. ABRAMS' "Star Trek" universe.  Well, we finally have our first look at the Klingons in "Star Trek Into Darkness".

A new trailer for "The Wolverine" hit the web yesterday.  It's only a minute long, but it's got a lot of action in it . . . including brief clips of Wolverine fighting the Silver Samurai.

"The Daytime Emmy" nominations were announced yesterday, and disgraced Elmo puppeteer KEVIN CLASH got FOUR of them.  This year's ceremony will go down on June 16th, and will air live on HLN.

 LIL WAYNE has SORT OF "apologized" for his VERY insensitive lyric about murder victim EMMETT TILL . . . but Emmett's family says, quote, "This statement falls short of an apology, as none is mentioned."  By the way, Wayne also suffered another seizure, and was briefly hospitalized.






We're always hearing about artists making INSANE demands in their tour riders . . . and this one is definitely worth mentioning:Britain's "Daily Star" tabloid claims BEYONCÉ demands that the walls of her dressing room be "freshly painted white" . . . and that the bathroom has a NEW toilet seat, and is stocked with only RED toilet paper. Supposedly, she also wants "alkaline water that is served at exactly 21 degrees," hand-carved ice-balls for her to "suck on," and special "titanium drinking straws" that cost almost $1,000 each.On top of that, she needs "100% pure cotton clothing for staff," which the "Daily Star" says might be to "save Beyoncé from allergic reactions."

The site conducted a poll to determine the best "American Idol" judge of ALL TIME.  After over 1,200 votes, the one at the top of the pile was:  KEITH URBAN.That's a little surprising, since Keith is new this season . . . and has sort of flown under the radar.  But he does seem to be good at offering USEFUL advice, which is kind of rare on "Idol".

1.  Keith Urban

2.  Simon Cowell

3.  Mariah Carey

4.  Jennifer Lopez

5.  Nicki Minaj

6.  Ellen DeGeneres

7.  Steven Tyler

8.  Paula Abdul

9.  Randy Jackson

10.  Kara DioGuardi

 MICHAEL BUBLE just earned his fourth #1 album, with his new disc "To Be Loved" selling 195,000 copies.  "American Idol" winner FANTASIA took the runner-up slot with 91,000 copies of her fourth album, "Side Effects Of You".This week's other Top 10 debuts include new albums from PHOENIX at #4 . . . ROB ZOMBIE at #7 . . . and WILL.I.AM at #9.  Here's this week's full Top 10 . . .

 1.  (NEW)  "To Be Loved", Michael Buble  (195,000 copies)

 2.  (NEW)  "Side Effects Of You", Fantasia  (91,000 copies)

 3.  "The 20/20 Experience", Justin Timberlake  (74,000 copies)



DreamWorks Animation announced today that it has acquired the popular teen YouTube channel AwesomenessTV for $33 million in cash, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But the deal has the potential to earn the minds behind AwesomenessTV much more over time. If certain earnings goals are met, DreamWorks may shell out up to $117 million for the teen online video channel.

Kristen Stewart was named the Best Dressed Woman of 2013 in Glamour UK's annual list -- for the second year in a row! Glamour's readers voted and picked the "50 Best Dressed Women" for the June issue, and the 23-year-old Twilight actress stole their hearts again. "Whether in Zuhair Murad or Balenciaga, every look comes complete with a nod to her personal rock-chick style," the magazine writes. Though Stewart clearly has plenty of fans who dig her style, the actress also has had her share of haters. "I just so wholeheartedly disagree with people who don't like what I wear," she told Vogue magazine in 2012. Stewart frequently wears flats and even Converse sneakers on the red carpet, and explained that she doesn't like other actresses who are "more concerned about looking pretty in your heels, and so you're walking slowly down the line. Put a pair of sneakers on."



 • "American Idol" [Results Show] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox.  David Cook, who won the seventh season of "Idol", returns to perform.

 • "The Big Bang Theory" . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on CBS.  Bob Newhart guest stars as Sheldon's childhood hero, TV scientist Professor Proton.

• "The Office" . . . 8:30 to 9:30 P.M. on NBC.  Andy attempts to work up enough courage to quit his job and follow his dreams of stardom.

• "Glee" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox.  Kate Hudson returns as Rachel's spiteful dance teacher, and the glee kids perform songs by Stevie Wonder.

• "Grey's Anatomy" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC.  "White Collar's" Hilarie Burton stars as a craniofacialist.

• "Parks and Recreation" [5th Season Finale] . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC.



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