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May 7th

May 07, 2013 -- 10:11am






The FARRAH ABRAHAM sex tape was released yesterday, as were some graphic preview clips.  Meanwhile, Farrah's still pretending she didn't want it to come out.  She Tweeted, quote, "Well looks like Vivid released their version of my video…ya I'm not watching, but thank you all for the positive compliments."

HONEY BOO BOO'S parents MAMA JUNE and SUGAR BEAR didn't get married on Sunday.  They just had a "commitment ceremony". June says, quote, "The day was very special mostly because my girls were able to take part in it.  I felt like it was important for them to see this moment and celebrate my love for Sugar Bear." The ceremony will be shown during the new season of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo", which premieres on TLC July 17th.

Yesterday on the "Today" show, MARTHA STEWART gave an update on her online dating quest.  She said she had TWO guys she was going to email back, out of about 1,000 responses to her profile.

19-year-old PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER was kicked out of a Hollywood club Saturday night for being underage.  He actually would have gotten away with it if he didn't start throwing ice cubes at the DJ.  That's when a waitress recognized him and had him kicked out.  Patrick's resulting tirade outside the club was caught on video.

In honor of Mother's Day, "Working Mother" magazine has put together a list of the 50 Most Powerful Working Moms.  Here are the names you'd recognize . . .Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez,Gisele Bundchen, Mariah Carey, "Hunger Games" author Suzanne Collins, "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer, Katie Couric, Tina Fey, Gabrielle Giffords, Olympic volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings, Angelina Jolie, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Melissa McCarthy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani.

LAURYN HILL was sentenced to three months in FEDERAL PRISON yesterday for tax evasion.  After that, she'll spend another three months under house arrest.  She could have gotten up to three YEARS behind bars.  Before her sentencing, she tried to put the blame for her tax woes on . . . SLAVERY.

According to, TIM TEBOW is America's Most Influential Athlete.  He's followed by Olympic swimmer MICHAEL PHELPS, Olympic sprinter USAIN BOLT and DEREK JETER.

In the original "Anchorman", Ron Burgundy and his news team took on a clan of bears.  In "Anchorman 2", Ron takes on a SHARK. And thanks to the Internet, we have some pictures of WILL FERRELL tussling with a mechanical great white off the coast of Georgia.

TOM CRUISE just signed a deal to do "Mission:  Impossible 5".  That's literally all we know at this point.  There's no word on a title, a plot, a release date, or which of Tom's co-stars from the previous films, if any, will return.The fourth installment added JEREMY RENNER and PAULA PATTON to the franchise. SIMON PEGG has been in the last two installments, and VING RHAMES has been in them all so far . . . although his part in the last one was just a cameo.



Fox has canceled "COPS" after 25 seasons.  The writing was on the wall six months ago, when the network cut back on the number of episodes they wanted for its current season.However, the show WILL live on.  Spike has already picked it up . . . and they've announced that the show's 26th season will premiere in September. "COPS" debuted back in March of 1989.  It aired its 850th episode this season . . . and it stands as the longest-running entertainment show on primetime network TV. is saying that STEVE CARELL WILL appear on the series finale of "The Office" on May 16th.  The site says it will be a brief cameo . . . not a full-on guest-starring role. But this is still not OFFICIAL.  Just last week, an "Office" executive producer reiterated that both Steve and the show didn't want a return to "overshadow" his character's original departure, and Steve's rep has said he's NOT in the finale.

JENNIFER LOPEZ was on a video shoot in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, when gunshots were reportedly fired nearby.  Her security team rushed her to safety, which HAD to remind her a little of the time she was rushed away from that notorious nightclub shooting in 1999 when she was with DIDDY.

The MET Gala was last night. The annual gala highlights the Metropolitan Museum of Art's spring exhibition, “PUNK: Chaos to Couture” in New York. The celebs definitely brought the punk!




"The Voice" [Live Playoffs] . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC.

• "NCIS" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on the CBS.  Colin Hanks guest stars as a Department of Defense investigator.

• "Splash" [1st Season Finale] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on ABC.

 • "Hart of Dixie" [2nd Season Finale] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on the CW.

• "Dancing with the Stars" [Results Show] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC.



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