KATY PERRY'S Roar a rip-off???

Aug 13, 2013 -- 6:07pm

KATY PERRY'S new song, "Roar", hit the Internet over the weekend . . . and since then, there's been a lot of talk on Twitter about it being a RIP-OFF of SARA BAREILLES' song, "Brave", which came out earlier this year.


Of course, with all the TRULY INNOVATIVE songwriting that's happening these days, things like this come up all the time . . . but there might be something to this.


Back in May, Katy said she LOVED "Brave".  She Tweeted a link to the song . . . and said, quote, "I heart you @SaraBareilles!"


Katy hasn't responded, and technically Sara hasn't either . . . although she did Tweet, quote, "All love, everybody.  All love."  She sent that out on the day Katy's song leaked, while her fans were asking her about the songs' similarities.


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