April 18, 2014

Apr 18, 2014 -- 11:10am

Lindsay Lohan has finally admitted that she wrote that epic list of her sexual conquests – including Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Ryan Phillippe and Benicio Del Toro.  She said, quote, "That was actually my fifth step in AA at Betty Ford.  And someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must have taken a photo of it.  And so that's a really personal thing and it's really unfortunate . . . I talk about it on the last episode on the OWN show, so to be continued."

Chelsea Clinton is expecting her first child this fall.  Marc Mezvinsky, a hedge fund manager and co-founder of Eaglevale Partners, and Chelsea Clinton were married in 2010.

Chelsea Handler told Ellen Degeneres that she'd never go to CBS or any other broadcast network, because she wouldn't want to water down her material.

Justin Bieber is now doing the Kanye West thing and telling the paparazzi to stop talking to him.  He told one cameraman, quote, "I'm not about to answer any of your questions, man.  Just please just stop.  You can keep filming, just don't talk."  When the guy told Justin he was just doing his job, Justin replied, quote, "It's okay, just don't talk." 

Brad Pitt is doing one of those things where you can win a chance to meet him by giving $10 to charity.

Aretha Franklin is suing a satirical, fake news site for $10 million . . . after they posted a story claiming that Patti Labelle was arrested for assaulting her with a, quote, "Mayweather-style right and left."  Aretha argues that it's "defamation of character" because the site presented it as being REAL.

Joey Fatone says that, for now, he doesn't see a full-on 'N SYNC reunion happening . . . and he also disses the Backstreet Boys, by saying that they got back together because they, quote, "need the money."   

Whoopi Goldberg is now a columnist for a website called The Cannabist.  And yesterday, she published a love letter to her vape pen.  Of course, she's not a recreational user.  It's all about the Glaucoma for her.

Johnny Depp’s sci-fi movie "Transcendence" is competing against the Christian movie "Heaven is For Real" for the Easter holiday weekend.  The other two new movies are Marlon Wayans’ "A Haunted House" sequel, and this year's Disney Nature movie "Bears".   

Sammy Hager and Michael Anthony have been playing together in Chickenfoot  . . . and now they're teaming up for a new tour with drummer Jason Bonham, the son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.

Kate Middleton photobombed a kid's selfie in New Zealand.

Sources say Tom Cruise has been secretly dating fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon. . . but Tom's rep says they've never met.

Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez  has died.  He was 87.

Mara Wilson took a lot of heat for saying she didn't want anything to do with the "Mrs. Doubtfire" sequel, but her siblings from the movie had different takes on it.  Matthew Lawrence is all about it . . . but Lisa Jakub said she isn't sure what to make of it.  Like Mara, she hasn't acted in well over a decade.

Green Day is releasing a collection of 18 demos on vinyl tomorrow for Record Store Day.



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