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June 26, 2014

Jun 26, 2014 -- 10:29am

Dozens of concertgoers were hospitalized during a show by superstar DJ Avicii in Boston on Wednesday night. Local media put the number of patients anywhere between 50 and 80. Massachusetts General Hospital told CNN it received 13 patients between ages 16 and 19. Most patients had a problem with dehydration, drugs and alcohol, authorities told CNN affiliate WHDH.

After six years off the air, MTV is bringing back Total Request Live … but only for one day only because of Ariana Grande. The network announced on Wednesday that it would be airing Total Ariana Live on July 2 at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Ariana will perform and will test her knowledge in a game called Hip Hop Mix Up.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are denying rumors they're headed for divorce.

Luke Grimes quit "True Blood" because his character was turning gay.  The actor who played James on True Blood left abruptly in December amid concerns about his character’s “creative direction.” BuzzFeed has confirmed that Grimes’ major objection was a same-sex pairing with gay character Lafayette.

Someone is supposedly trying to sell a video of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez snorting cocaine at a nightclub earlier this month.   Meanwhile, Justin is being sued by a guy he hit with his car last year.

Trainer Jillian Michaels is leaving "The Biggest Loser".

Diane Sawyer is "stepping down" as the host of "ABC World News".  Beginning September 2nd, David Muir will take over.  An ABC suit says it was Diane's call . . . but it's possible she was demoted, because she's been reassigned to handling "innovative specials, and tackling big issues and ideas."  She's served as the sole anchor for the past five years.

When Anderson Cooper covered the story about the guy who got stuck in a giant sculpture of lady parts on his show the other night, he said, quote, "I'm certainly no expert on the topic of vaginas . . . they really aren't my wheelhouse, so to speak.  But I know enough to know that you're not supposed to go in feet first." 

A radio intern claims Khloe Kardashian boyfriend French Montana tried to hook up with her after a concert last week.  If you believe her story, he even got on top of her before she was able to escape from his tour bus.

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling says his cancer is in remission.

The NFL will uncap the amount of money available for former players who are able to prove damages from concussion-related injuries.  Previously, the NFL had set aside $675 million to handle the claims . . . but a federal judge questioned whether that would be enough.


"World Cup Soccer: U.S. vs Germany" . . . ESPN.

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