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July 2, 2014

Jul 02, 2014 -- 9:58am

Robin Williams checked into rehab, but his people say he did not fall off the wagon.  A rep says, quote, "After working back-to-back projects, Robin is simply taking the opportunity to fine-tune and focus on his continued commitment, of which he remains extremely proud."

Shia Labeouf isn't in rehab after all, but his rep says he is, quote, "voluntarily receiving treatment for alcohol addiction."  He adds, quote, "Shia understands that these recent actions are a symptom of a larger health problem and he has taken the first of many necessary steps towards recovery." 

"In Touch Weekly" says Portia De Rossi went to rehab back in May for an addiction to drugs and alcohol . . . which she turned to because of Ellen Degeneres and her controlling ways.  A source claims, quote, "She went from sipping white wine occasionally to drinking at least a bottle or more a day and topping it off with a pill.  It got to the point where she was out of it four nights a week." 

Justin Bieber was partying at his house early Tuesday morning with newly-drafted Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Tyrese Gibson and rapper Tyga.  But neighbors called the cops because the music was too loud.  They turned it down and everything was cool.  Until police had to come back because there were screaming female fans outside.

On Monday night, Barbara Walters talked about Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy leaving "The View" for the first time since they announced it last week.  She said, quote, "I don't think we have a new direction yet.  [But] I think we have time."  So it sounds like Sherri and Jenny will remain on the show through the end of the season next month.

The tabloids say Kendra Wilkinson flushed her wedding ring down the toilet when she found out Hank Baskett cheated on her with a transsexual.

Nicole Scherzinger reveals that she struggled with bulimia.

Madonna is buying iPods, iPads and other supplies for school kids in Detroit. 

Serena Williams had to withdraw from Wimbledon during a doubles match with her sister Venus because she's suffering from a virus.

Jennifer Aniston gets nasty in the first trailer for "Horrible Bosses 2". 

Jennifer Love Hewitt is joining the cast of "Criminal Minds" as an undercover agent.

Jessie J is releasing a new track called "Bang Bang" on July 29th.  It features Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

Chris Brown vowed to stay away from bad people when he got out of jail ... so imagine our surprise when we got this video of the singer throwing up Bloods gang signs Sunday night in a club. The video is clear ... Chris dancing at a BET afterparty -- the one where he got wasted and had to be carried out

The World Cup soccer match where the U.S. lost to Germany had 8.2 million viewers and came in third in the ratings.  And Sunday's BET Awards placed sixth with 7.5 million.  We lost to Belgium yesterday, which knocked us out of the quarterfinals.

A 500-pound black bear recently broke in the home of Whitesnake’s lead singer David Coverdale in Lake Tahoe.  He says it opened the fridge, ate a bunch of food . . . and then took a massive dump.  It's not clear if that happened inside the house or not.  He eventually scared the bear off by screaming at it. 

ABC has revealed who will be playing two of the characters from "Frozen" next season on "Once Upon a Time".  Newcomer Elizabeth Lail will play Anna, the redheaded sister.  And her love interest Kristoff will be played by Scott Michael Foster.  They haven't announced who's playing Elsa yet.

Cameron Diaz claims she lets it all hang out in her new movie "Sex Tape" . . . quote, "I mean you see everything."  She also talks about not being a mom at 41 . . . quote, "I like protecting people, but I was never drawn to being a mother.  I have it much easier than any of them.  That's just what it is.  Doesn't mean life isn't sometimes hard.  I'm just what I am." 



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