Daily Horoscopes

Aries: If you need to impress someone in a position of authority, now is the time to do it. With so much cosmic activity in the career area of your chart almost anything you do will be looked on kindly by your employers.

Taurus: The bigger the problem you are faced with the more you will like it today – if nothing else it gives you the opportunity to show off that big brain of yours.

Gemini: Keep what you have to say simple and to the point, because the more complicated it sounds the less likely it is to be understood. Not everyone has your way with words.

Cancer: Life is too short to worry about things that will never happen, so get rid of all those negative thoughts that are swimming around in your head and act as if nothing can go wrong.

Leo: How can you improve your work situation? According to the planets this is a good time to look closely at your everyday methods and routines and then make whatever changes are necessary.

Virgo: Be open and honest with everyone you meet today, even though your words won’t always be greeted with gratitude. There is no reason why you should deceive yourself or other people.

Libra: It will pay you to be nice to someone you don’t much feel like being nice to today. This is one of those occasions when a kind word could have an almost instant effect.

Scorpio: This is a really good time for all kinds of communications and even if you receive “bad” news of some sort it will have a positive effect on what you are doing.

Sagittarius: You will learn something interesting over the next 24 hours, but will you use it to your best advantage? The information is out there and if you don’t make something of it you can be sure that your rivals will.

Capricorn: You will have some big decisions to make, so get your head together and get busy working on all your dreams. The clock is ticking, so be quick.

Aquarius: You don’t seem to want much to do with the world at the moment and that’s okay – in fact it’s natural. Find a quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts and start making plans for the future.

Pisces: While everyone is under pressure and running all over the place you are a picture of calm. You know from experience that it’s not worth getting worked up about!