Daily Horoscopes

Aries: Someone could say something that hurts your feelings today but you are advised not to take it to heart because most likely they are motivated by jealousy.

Taurus: If you have a favor to ask of someone in a position of authority you will most likely get a positive response . . . but they will also want something in return. Is the trade-off worth it.

Gemini: There is no point telling you to relax because you can’t – you are so full of restless energy that you will be on the move, mentally as well as physically.

Cancer: It does not matter how much you may be offered for your services, you must wait a day or two. Don’t let others make you feel guilty because they are suffering while you are not.

Leo: You may not like the people you have to deal with today but your personal feelings are of no importance. The fact is you need them and they need you.

Virgo: You may not be the life and soul of the party at the moment but don’t let that worry you. Cosmic activity in the most thoughtful area of your chart means you will accomplish more on your own rather than by forcing yourself to be sociable.

Libra: Anything is possible for you now, but that does not mean you can just do as you please, nor does it mean you should attempt to do everything at once.

Scorpio: If you want to change that’s fine, change. If other people want you to change though that’s a different matter entirely. You have never been the sort to do something just because someone tells you to.

Sagittarius: You may be impatient to get things moving but be warned: if you move too fast you could make a serious mistake.

Capricorn: Be more forgiving, especially with people who don’t share your serious outlook on life. Remember, it takes all sorts to make such an interesting world.

Aquarius: It’s unlikely you will be in the mood for compromise today, but the fact is you will need to give some ground if you intend to reach your goal.

Pisces: You may have to do something today that does not sit easily with the way you like to look at life but it’s unlikely you will have much say in the matter.