Daily Horoscopes

Aries: You will get what you want eventually but you might get it quicker if you use persuasion rather than pressure. people are not in the mood to be forced, but they won’t mind a bit of outrageous flattery.

Taurus: Important information must be kept to yourself. If you let slip something that you are not at liberty to divulge the consequences could be dire.

Gemini: Most things are going well for you now but you are still focusing too much on the past. What you do today and over the weekend will become a part of your future.

Cancer: It may take a bit of an effort to control your temper today but it will be worth it. The more a certain person deserves you getting mad at them, the more you need to remind yourself that staying cool is essential.

Leo: Your hectic schedule means you may be finding it hard to catch your breath but you really do need to slow down a bit. Don’t worry if you fall behind in your workload today.

Virgo: A  new responsibility will take up a big slice of your time today and over the weekend, so don’t expect to be able to come and go as you please.

Libra: You need to take a more subtle approach with your rivals. if you attack them head-on you stand a good chance of losing, but if you play it smart and find out their weaknesses you will beat them with ease.

Scorpio: If friends tell you one thing but your instincts tell you another it is your instincts you must listen to. Deep down you already know the answers to whatever questions you have been asking of yourself, so calm your mind and let the wisdom come through.

Sagittarius: Get to the point quickly today. If you waste time skirting around an issue, maybe because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, you could find you have run out of time.

Capricorn: Today and over the weekend your one and only business should be to relax and take things easy. The early part of next week is going to be extremely busy.

Aquarius: Make  sure you take your earphones with you if you are out and about today because there will be a lot of excess noise you need to cut out.

Pisces: If there is something you think a friend or relative needs to know about then inform them immediately. The longer you leave it the harder it will be to persuade them that it isn’t as bad as it sounds.