Jesse Williams & Sarah Drew Are Returning To Grey’s Anatomy 

  • Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew are returning to Grey’s Anatomy as their original characters.
  • Jackson and April will be back for the finale of the series’ latest season on May 26th.
  • Jesse left the show after 16 seasons and has popped up on a cameo basis after that.
  • William said in an old interview about his character, “In my mind, he will have many stumbles on his road to success in the administrative that he’s taken on running a foundation. I think this is something he will not, cannot give up on. He’s finally found a place for his whole self that is not just his profession.”
  • He added, “He’s always had this bubble wrap around him that has protected him, and being able to do this work, I think, he’s going to be thrilled and feeling like blood is coursing through his veins in a whole new way now. He’s going to feel alive in a way that he hasn’t before, which is very exciting.”