Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Star Letitia Wright Calls Film “Incredible Honor” for Chadwick Boseman 

  • Get excited MCU fans, we may get the trailer for Wakanda Forever in a matter of weeks. The Ryan Coogler-directed film is set to come to theaters in November. 
  • As the monumental moment draws near, cast member Letitia Wright gives insight into the “incredible honor” it has been to star in the film’s latest installment. 
  • “It’s an incredible honor for Chadwick Boseman,” she said. “It’s jam-packed with exciting stuff. November, it couldn’t come sooner so I’m excited for you guys to see it,” Wright toldVariety during the Kering Women in Motion dinner at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • “We honored him by committing ourselves to the story that he started, the legacy he started with this franchise, and We committed every day to working hard, no matter what circumstances we faced,” said Wright. “We faced a lot of circumstances. A lot of difficult situations, but we came together as a team. We poured everything into this movie.”