Miley Cyrus’ New Song Is Packed With References to Ex Liam Hemsworth, And People Are Obsessed With Her “Queen Behavior” 

  • Now that you’ve had some time to digest Miley Cyrus’ new song “Flowers,” let’s discuss how the song references her ex, Liam Hemsworth and why fans are obsessing over her “queen” behavior. 
  • Released on Hemsworth’s birthday (January 13), “Flowers” mirrors Bruno Mars’ song, “When I Was Your Man.” Fans have alleged that Hemsworth dedicated the song to Cyrus, but there isn’t any proof. 
  • Mars talks about everything he should’ve done before the relationship ended, while Miley talks about doing all those things for herself. “Miley Cyrus’ Flowers really boosting the inner independent woman in me—yes girl, I can buy myself flowers,” one person tweeted.
  • “Miley Cyrus taking Bruno Mars’ If I Was Your Man (with permission) and releasing a response on her ex’s birthday after he dedicated it to her on their wedding day & then cheated on her is QUEEN BEHAVIOUR,” wrote another fan.