Trevor Noah On Hosting The Grammys For A Third Year In A Row 

  • Trevor Noah recently opened up about hosting The Grammys yet again and what fans can expect from the award show.
  • Trevor said, “I’m really grateful to be doing this for a third time. You don’t expect to do the Grammys once, and you don’t expect for them to call you back twice.”
  • He continued, “So the third time is, hopefully, as charming as it was the first and second times.”
  • He added, “Every year has been different for different reasons. Obviously, the first time was a show designed specifically for a pandemic, and then, the second year was everyone recovering from a pandemic. So it feels like this year’s going to be a huge celebration.”
  • Noah continued, “I’m going, to be honest. I cheat, really. I’m a fan who just comes to watch the show with everyone else. So I guess, technically, I’m a host, but I’m just there to see everybody in person.”