Harry Styles Blows A Kiss To Kris Jenner While Performing

  • Harry Styles showed some love to a very special guest in the audience at one of his recent shows.  
  • Fans at the ‘Love on Tour’ Palm Springs stop noticed that Kris Jenner was up in the stands at the show and grabbed videos of her dancing and talking to people around her. 
  • According to a tweet from a fan source for all things Styles’ Love on Tour, the singer even paused the show to acknowledge Jenner throwing her a peace sign, a thumbs up, and even blowing her a sweet kiss before getting back to the show. 
  • Styles and the Momager go way back as he used to date her daughter Kendall Jenner. After his breakup with Olivia Wilde and Kendall’s breakup with Devin Booker, it was reported that the former couple was leaning on each other during the emotionally difficult time.