The Weeknd’s Concert At LA’s SoFi Stadium Is Coming To HBO Max 

  • Another concert film is coming to one of your favorite streaming platforms. 
  • The Weeknd’s concert special for HBO Max, ‘The Weeknd: Live At SoFi Stadium’, has been given a premiere date of February 25.   
  • Platforms streaming concerts really makes sense because they’re relatively cheap to produce, they come with a built-in audience, and they tend to have pretty long streaming tails. It’s the rare recent streaming strategy that is a win-win for both the platforms and their viewers — as well as the artists who license their concert footage out. 
  • Ironically enough, during his ‘After Hours Til Dawn Tour’, The Weeknd’s voice gave out during the second Los Angeles show, prompting him to promise a refund to the 70,000 fans in attendance. At the time, he promised to “make it up to you with a new date”.