Cardi B Does Community Service At Veterans Facility, Says She’s ‘Learned About Herself’

Article by Skylar K104

Cardi B’s time with veterans seems to have moved her emotionally. The singer served at least part of the time at a facility for military veterans and was emotionally shaken by the experience. She took to IG Live to talk about it, saying, “I have learned so much things these past two days, and I have learned things about myself.”  Cardi B talked about veterans’ basic needs, their plight once they return from war, and how many are sadly forgotten by much of society. She said, “They go through so much and like this country — or a lot of countries… they don’t, like, provide proper service to our veterans or ex-soldiers.”  Talking about how many veterans “turn to drug abuse because they trying to escape” their memories of war, she reminded viewers to be empathetic. “You might see somebody shooting dope in the train… that’s most likely a veteran that is going through so much mental s**t and has fought for our country, and because he couldn’t get the help he needed, he’s in that situation.”