Drake Admits That Lil Wayne Didn’t Know What His Rap Name Was When They First Met

Drake recently shared during his conversation with Lil Yachty that Lil Wayne got his rap name wrong on Weezy’s 2008 track called ‘Ransom.’ He referred to Drake in the track as ‘Drizzy Drake Rogers,’ not knowing that Rogers was Canada’s top internet provider. Drake said that he understands him making that mistake because their first forms of communication happened by email only, and he was scared to correct Wayne at the time. Wayne recently added about signing Drake, “It was obvious. I saw what he could be and would be. It was easy for me to keep motivating him and letting him know what it is. You have to see it to believe it. It was very simple. Doing a song with me. It was just that simple. Him knowing ‘I can go blow for blow with you on a joint’ — that was his motivation. That’s his chip.”