Should Carrie Underwood Replace Blake Shelton On ‘The Voice’?

Could Carrie Underwood be the best replacement for Blake Shelton on the hit show?  Ever since Blake Shelton announced that this season would be his last, many people have been thinking about his potential replacement.  John Legend even suggested that Carrie Underwood would be a wonderful replacement for Shelton, and he has pretty good reasoning for why.  “Well, I think it should be someone in country,” Legend shared with Extra when asked who should replace Shelton for ‘The Voice’ Season 24. “And we have never had another country coach before because it’s only been Blake. So, you know, I could see, like, Carrie doing it. She’s in the NBC family. She sings on our Sunday night broadcast every Sunday, she could be good. Just an idea, Carrie, but we’ll see what ‘The Voice’ has in store.”