The Last Of Us Star Merle Dandridge Up For Marlene Spinoff

  • Merle Dandridge, who stars in The Last of Us, recently shared more about a possible Marlene spinoff that is reportedly in the works.
  • Dandridge said, “Let’s do it. I think, honestly, all of the characters are so beautifully and deeply drawn.”
  • She continued, “There is an opportunity in, I think, every facet of this world to go a little deeper, and we just touched on that with the Bill and Frank story, but there’s so much. Every character and every situation is so beautifully connected into the fabric, and everyone’s experience, even the minor characters, have such difficult moral conundrums that they are contending with in the midst of all this world.”
  • She added, “And furthermore, how did they get to this place in post-outbreak?  What did they have to give up, sacrifice, go through, and live through? What have they seen? There are so many unmentionable horrors for them to even be able to survive to this moment that we have a lot of ground to cover, and I think HBO knows that, and I hope that they lean into that.”