Bebe Rexha Is Talking To David Guetta About Making A Dance Album

Bebe Rexha wants to collab with David Guetta on a dance album.  The 33-year-old singer already has huge ideas for her future album even before her latest record, “Bebe,” debuts next month. The duo most recently collaborated on the chart-topper “I’m Fine (Blue).” “I’ve finished my album, and I’m already thinking, what’s the next thing? I am thinking of doing a super dance thing, not over thinking it. David’s been talking to me about it,” Rexha said in a recent interview. Bebe and David have a close bond, the singer says she and David are more like siblings. “I get on his nerves sometimes, and he gets on my nerves. He texted me the other day and said, ‘Bebe, I love you so much even though you are like my annoying little sister.’ And I was like, ‘Cool? Well, you’re my annoying older brother.'”