Poughkeepsie Pizzeria Voted 3rd Best in the Nation

Image credit to Hudson & Packard’s website. Article by Skylar

The International Pizza Expo took place from March 20th-24th. In the pan pizza division, a pizzeria in Poughkeepsie took third place. Hudson & Packard specializes in Detroit style pizza, which is when the cheese is baked on top of the pizza crust, then covered in sauce. If this sounds appealing to you and you live in the Hudson Valley, you’re not far from the third best Detroit style pizza in the nation. Hudson & Packard presented the judges with a slice called “A Taste of Home”. Posted to their Instagram, the caption detailed the ingredients, “Halloumi cheese crust with our brick cheese blend, roasted root veg hash, lamb and beef kefta, baba ghanoush, roasted garlic hummus, & spicy tomato oil and pickled turnip.” This is not the first time they have been awarded in the top 3, placing for the first time last year in the same division.