Ed Sheeran Beats Second Lawsuit Over Thinking Out Loud And Let’s Get It On

Ed Sheeran wins second lawsuit over alleged imitation of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” for “Thinking Out Loud.” Judge Stanton in Manhattan dismissed the case against Sheeran by SAS, owned by David Pullman. Pullman partly owns “Let’s Get It On’s” copyright with Ed Townsend. Townsend co-wrote the song with Gaye in 1973. SAS had alleged, “the combination of the chord progression and the harmonic rhythm used in Thinking Out Loud is substantially similar to that in Let’s Get It On, and thus infringes the work.” SAS lost the case against Sheeran as the chord progression in “Thinking Out Loud” was not unique enough for a copyright claim. Sheeran has another pending lawsuit from SAS regarding “Let’s Get It On,” which may go to a jury trial.