Kfest 2019 – About Ciara

Growing up as an only child with Army parents, Ciara was raised on Army bases all over the world. It was when she stopped in Atlanta as a teenager and watched a performance by Destiny’s Child, that she decided music was the path she wanted to travel down. She joined a girl group called “Hearsay” and even though nothing came about, she used it as an opportunity to further her songwriting abilities. Ciara met with producer Jazze Pha and scored a record deal with LaFace Records. “Goodies” was her debut album that earned her four Grammy nominations in 2005. Overall, Ciara’s career has flourished with eight Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 Singles, three MTV VMA’s and one Grammy. As well as writing songs for some of music’s biggest performers, such as Missy Elliott.

Ciara – Thinkin Bout You