K104’s Cupcake Wars

Here is your shot to obtain the coveted title,

Cupcake Wars

This form is for the "Cupcake Wars" competition as heard Friday mornings on the Woodman in the Morning Show. If you are looking for a vendor application, please visit the festival website and scroll to the bottom of the page. *Individuals Only Please - No Teams will be permitted to compete*
  • Please give us the most direct line to reach you (i.e. Cell Phone)
  • Option 2 not required.
  • If undecided right now, type "TBD."
  • By clicking "Yes" above, I understand that K104 will assign my date (a Friday morning) to participate in Cupcake Wars. I also understand that if I win my round of Cupcake Wars, I am available the final round at K104's 2020 Cupcake Festival on Saturday, May 2nd at Stormville Airport.

Dates for Cupcake Wars

(Note: If selected, you will be assigned one of these dates):

TBD. Postponed


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