Daily Horoscopes

ARIES Will you work like a demon today? Or will you do nothing at all? The simple fact is the choice is entirely your own.

TAURUS If you feel that you have not been rewarded enough for what you have done then kick up a fuss, and make it a big one.

GEMINI It may seem as if you have fallen short of the goals you set for yourself at the turn of the year but don’t worry too much.

CANCER The Sun in one of the more sympathetic areas of your chart will bring success of one sort or another over the next few days, but you still need to watch out for people who don’t want to see you do well.

LEO Someone in a position of authority appears to have it in for you and may even be telling your colleagues that you cannot be trusted. There is no need to get angry about it. Your work mates won’t believe them.

VIRGO Don’t waste time on people who are either too lazy to get things done for themselves, or too disconnected from reality to realize they are going about it the wrong way.

LIBRA You may feel a bit under the weather today, as if every effort is too much for you, in which case you are strongly advised to take it easy for a while.

SCORPIO  If you believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities, then there is nothing you cannot do. The Sun in your fellow Water sign of Pisces will encourage you to get out into the world and create something amazing.

SAGITTARIUS Someone will give you a hard time today and, in true Sagittarian fashion, your reaction will be to give them a hard time back. But is that really necessary?

CAPRICORN You may not agree with what a friend is doing but don’t make an issue of it. If they want to behave in ways that make them look foolish, well, that’s up to them.

AQUARIUS Negative thoughts have a way of attracting negative events and the current cosmic climate indicates most strongly that you cannot afford to be anything less than positive.

PISCES There is a danger now that you have so much confidence in yourself that you could go too far and start something you won’t be able to finish, which in turn could actually dent your self-belief.