Become A “She-Vivor” with Eric Boettcher

Would you know how to survive if you were unexpectedly lost, if your car broke down or you lost your way hiking?
The fact is it happens and knowing what to do to survive and make your way to safety could mean the difference between life and death. Smart phones are great, but what will you do if you have no signal or your battery dies?

Meet Jonna Spilbor and Keryl Pesce, co-hosts of Happy Hour on Tuesday, August 28 from 6:30-8:00pm in Newburgh, NY as they bring to you for one-night only, nationally-recognized master survivalist Eric Boettcher. Learn life-saving survival skills including how to use what is on your person and in your natural surroundings to keep you alive.

Become a She-vivor is an exclusive and free event for women brought to you by
Jonna Spilbor Law,
Happy Bitch Wines,
the Center for Being, Knowing, Doing
& Today’s Hit Music, K104!

Discover a transformation in your confidence and self esteem that carries through to your relationships, career and daily life as you carry with you the knowledge that you can survive the unexpected.

Attendance is limited to the first 40 people who register. Go to fill out the form below to register today!

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