Jelly Roll Breaks Through As CMA Best New Artist

With his chart-topping hits, such as "Need A Favor", and personable character, Jelly Roll has become a pretty established name in the music industry. So, it was no surprise, when the Country star was this years winner of the Country Music Awards "Best New Artist" award!!

Jelly Roll is well-known for his devotion to his hometown community, Nashville, Tennessee. And he, of course, didn't fail to acknowledge this hometown love during his acceptance speech. He stated that "There's a tale of two Nashville's happening right now. I represent both Music Row, which has embraced me so lovingly, but also my local community that raised me". He also acknowledged the support he has received from Essential and Blue Collar worker, displaying his appreciation for the work they do in his and our communities. 

And although his speech was brilliant, it seems that his stable hands might not have been... as he is said to have dropped his new award backstage at the show!!! Good news is, it wasn't his true official trophy.. phew, right?

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