Taylor Swift Celebrates "Global Top Artist" Title

This morning, the music streaming app "Spotify" released their "2023 Wrapped" for listeners. These wrapped sessions calculate each listeners individual listener preferences. Their top songs, top artists, and even notifies them if they are in the top 5% of a specific artists listener fan base!! 

To no surprise, Ms. Taylor Swift was the reigning three-time champion of being #1 artist for millions of people across the world!! And with that, comes the title "Global Top Artist". To celebrate this accomplishment, each person who was in her top percentage (or had her as their #1 artist) received a personal video from Taylor herself!! The video thanks fans for their support, wishing love to each listener. To further display her appreciation, Swift announced that (due to popular demand), her song "You're Losing Me (from the Vault)" is now available on streaming services!!

This wasn't the only time Taylor Swift was on our timelines this week. In fact, just the other day, she announced a new and upcoming expansion to her previously released "The Eras Tour" movie. The extended release is set for her birthday (December 13th), and is also set t feature THREE extra songs from her tour!! The songs include "Wildest Dreams", "The Archer" as well as "Long Live". And the best part, it will be available to rent on streaming services such a Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video!!!

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