Walmart's 2023 Black Friday Deals Are So...Fetch?

Not too long ago, there were a few sightings of some of our favorite Mean Girls: (Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacy Chabert), that left fans of the 2004 movie in a wild guessing spree. Will there be a reunion? a revival?

Well, to all of our surprise, the trio reunited for none other than...a Black Friday commercial!! Each playing off their original character, the commercial featured the trio (along with some other familiar faces!!) sporting their excitement as Walmart's Black Friday is around the corner. With deals starting next Wednesday (November 8th), the commercial was able to pay homage to the iconic line "On Wednesday's we wear pink". 

The commercial has been a hit since it's release, with many truly satisfied with the content. In fact, we would go as far to say that it really allowed movie-lovers to get an "update" on some of their favorite characters from the movie! We were able to get some special appearances from some of the Mean Girls men as well, such as the original "Damian" and "Kevin G". 

We think that Walmart Black Friday might be extra exciting this year, and definitely feel we can give props to this "grool" commercial!! Feel free to watch below:

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