Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2023 Around The Corner

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, comes one of New York's favorite holiday traditions...the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!! The yearly parade is quite a trademark for New Yorker's, and with it's endless amount of entertainment, has become for others around the world too. With people traveling thousands of miles to attend, as well as to perform, the Macy's parade is the most looked forward to parade around!! And the best part? It just gets better and better each year!!

It is said that for the 2023 parade, spectators are expected to see 25 balloons...including 7 new ones!! There will be 7 Balloonicles, and THIRTY ONE (yes, 31!!!!) floats. And between the all new Wonka float, and Good Burger mobile, there will be 6 brand new floats to look for! We can't forget the performances there will be marching bands galore, what we like to call "Clown central" (there are 29 clown crews this year!!), and 7 performance groups as well. 

There will also be 18 performers for the parade too, from throwback artists such as Brandy, all the way to newer artists such as Paul Russell. And don't forget about Cher's performance leading up to Santa's arrival too!!

The parade will take place this Thursday (November 23rd), starting at 8:30AM. It can be watched live on NBC, or streamed on Peacock!!

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