7-Eleven Is Selling Hot Dog-Flavored Sparkling Water?

I've been making this at home with my SodaStream, so this would definitely make life easier:  7-Eleven announced a new sparkling water that tastes like HOT DOGS.  (???)   A photo of the can is circulating on social media.  It's supposed to taste like one of their Big Bites, but in carbonated liquid form. The press release says they partnered with a brand called Miracle Seltzer on four flavors:  Lemon Lime, Green Apple, Sweet Orange . . . and Hot Dog. They're calling it a "daring flavor that pushes the boundaries of flavor innovation," and something that's sure to "delight even the most adventurous of palates." So have we really fallen so far as a society that we're drinking HOT DOG WATER now?  Here's why we think maybe not:  They say the three other flavors are available now, but more details on the hot dog flavor are coming next Monday. Their press release doesn't mention this, but that's APRIL FOOLS' DAY.  So, let's hope this is all a big joke. 

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