Teacher of the Month

K104 has teamed up with Renu Medispa and Pulse MD Urgent Care to honor local teachers and coaches who made an impact on student’s lives! Nominate your favorite teacher of coach on the form below and each month, K104 will feature one of the nominees. They will also receive the “Golden Apple” Award for their commitment to bettering the lives of our students!

Congratulations to Brendan Hunt from Arlington High School!

My daughter Katherine has played JV volleyball for the past 2 years. Coach Hunt knows the game and takes the time to teach skills and strategies to maximize their potential. That being said he takes the time to see what each individual athlete needs athletically and personally. He treats his athletes and students with respect and expects the same respect back. He is a true teacher/coach. This semester my daughter is taking health, she is a sophomore taking the class with mostly juniors and seniors and he has helped her navigate the class where she is more comfortable speaking up in front of her peers. He has been an important part of her school life and has helped her to grow through each experience. Although he will no longer be her coach after this year, or teacher after this semester we know he will continue to be there to offer support or celebrate life experiences.

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